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China's Economic Growth In The Evolvement Of Labor Input And Labor Structure

Posted on:2016-11-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330461458112Subject:Political economy
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A country can promote its economic growth with increasing input of labor,stock of human capital and optimization of labor structure.During the economic reform,the labor input increases with more working-age population;the labor quality improves with economic and social development;the labor structure optimizes with steady economic transition.Accompany the waning demographic dividend and adjustment of economic structure,the growth of labor input is slowing down,the imbalance of labor structure is still exist,which is not conducive to China's sustained economic development.This paper uses statistical description to observe and study the change of labor input and labor structure.The labor input can be divided into quantity and quality of labor.The quantity of labor is directly affected by demographic transition and labor supply.So we can analyze and predict the change in labor supply through the demographic transformation.And analyze and forecast the evolution of labor quality with average years of schooling.The labor structures include industrial structure,urban structure,regional structure and ownership structure.Select the relevant indicators to measure the evolution of these labor structures and summarize the imbalances that exist.On the basis of statistical analysis,decompose China's economic growth using C-D function,and estimate the contribution of labor input.After that,further decompose the TFP into labor structure effect,capital structure effect and residual of TFP.Using the expression,we can calculation different labor structure effect.These empirical analyses indicates that China's labor supply is about to fall,mainly extensive investment of capital and labor is no longer desirable,economic growth needs to shift from extensive to intensive.On the one hand we should focus on improving the quality of labor;on the other hand we should continue to optimize the allocation of labor force.
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