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Research On Employment Quality Of Higher Vocational College Graduates And Its Influencing Factors

Posted on:2018-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330518475870Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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As one of the essential parts of higher education,higher vocational education has the responsible for training the high quality specialized talents to the front line of production,service and management industries.With socio-economic development and scientific and technological progress,China's higher vocational education has been developed in rapid speed.But the employment problem of higher vocational graduates,especially the quality of employment issues,has gradually received the attention from all aspects in society.Because in this modern world,employment is not only a movement to find a job which can provide money to survive,but also a choice for people to speculate his own career with a satisfied life quality.For that reason,more and more people include individuals,schools,companies and the government,all took conscious on employment quality issues.Based on the situation,this article uses labor market segmentation theory and socialization theory as the theoretical basis.With the analysis of China's higher vocational colleges,development and the employment situation of their graduates,this article did field work in N vocational college,Zhejiang province,to investigate their employment quality and to figure out what factor may have influenced it.This article represents that,for the higher vocational colleges' graduates,finding a job is not a hard task,but an important issue to get better job quality.Although the employment rate,salaries,job satisfaction and position promotion after three years of these graduates are all rising and narrowing the gap between college undergraduates,most of higher vocational college graduates would go to private enterprises and most of them are minor ones.Low labor contract signing rate and low social security coverage rate,less chances of on-job training,and higher risk of unemployment and resignation,are the shortcomings of nowadays higher vocational graduates' employment situations.Self-employment has huge potential,however,it suffers a lot of risks as well,with a serious problem of financial support for most of graduates.With the related support policies settled by the government,many higher vocational colleges have made different kinds of self-employment education.It encourages more students hold the ideas to do self-employment,but only a few really put into reality.There are many factors which can affect the employment qualities of higher vocational graduates.Judged by "Whom to Assess",it can be divided into individuals and families,schools,employing units and government and so on.Therefore,it needs all these members to work together in order to improve the employment quality.Specifically,graduates have to establish a correct view of occupation and employment outlook;schools should consider students' employment rate and qualities as one of the important indexes to measure the level of running standards;employing units shall provide better employment environment;government has to make efficient policies for graduates to create a healthy employment phenomenon.
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