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The Relations Of College Students' Boredom Tendency And Time Management Disposition

Posted on:2018-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330533460642Subject:Mental health education
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Today,Chinese people's material and cultural life level and the spirit world are getting better and better.But “boring” is becoming more and more widely mentioned among people,even represents their pet phrase.Boredom is a kind of negative emotional experience.If one suffers from boring for a long time,it may cause an individual cope with the bad emotional in an unreasonable way of time management disposition,such as a passive performance in the campus life or even waste their studies,etc.This study will introduce the internal factor“meanig of life”between boredom tendency and time management disposition.We use the three scales— C-BPQ?MLQ and ATMD.By choosing 950 college students from Yan'an University as subjects,we ask them to do a questionnaire survey.The study explores the college students' characteristics of each variable through the data processing and analysis by SPSS.16,as well as discussing their relationship by Pearson correlation.Also,we explore the prediction effect of boredom and the meaning of life to time management disposition by Intermediate Effect Test.Conclusions are as follows:(1)There is a significant difference on the different gender,grade and subject of boredom tendency.Boring tendency of boys is significantly higer than girls;the students of Sophomore,junior at boring tendency is significantly higer the senior;Science & Engineering students' boring score tend to be significantly higher than that of literature and history classes?art specialty.But no significant difference appears on the students' s origin of college students' boredom tendency.(2)There is a significant difference on the sense of life meaning on grade.Sophomore year is significantly higher than senior.But no significant difference on gender,the origin of student and subject.(3)College students' s time management disposition has no significant difference on gender,the origin of student,grade and subject.(4)Boredom tendency has a significant negative predictive effect on the meaning of life,boredom tendency has a significant negative predictive effect on time management disposition,the meaning of life has a significant positive predictive effect on time management disposition.(5)The meaning of life partially mediates between boredom and time management disposition,which means that the meaning of life can partly affect boredom tendency's influence to time management disposition.
Keywords/Search Tags:College students, Boredom Tendency, the Meaning of Life, Time Management Disposition
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