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Research On The Cultivation Of Autonomous Learning Ability Of Five-year-preschool-major Students Based On The Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode

Posted on:2018-11-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330542472090Subject:Education Technology
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Five-year-preschool major is professional education for junior middle school graduates.The students who major in preschool education will work as preschool teachers in the future.Their comprehensive quality will directly affect the quality of early childhood education.However,the majority of the five-year-preschool major students are those who cannot pass the senior high school entrance examination.They don't have high learning enthusiasm,good learning habits or strong learning abilities.With the national attention to early childhood education,these students are difficult to meet the needs of the society,the state and parents for preschool teachers.It is an urgency to improve those students' learning abilities.The flipped classroom teaching mode that is widely being used in all levels of education is a new teaching way,in which good teaching effect has been achieved.Through consulting the literature,it is found that there is a great connection between the flipped classroom teaching and the students' autonomous learning abilities.This paper is to study the effect of flipped classroom teaching mode in cultivating five-year-preschool major students' autonomous learning abilities.This paper first summarizes the current situation of preschool teachers' cultivation and the problems existing in the cultivation of five-year-preschool major students,and puts forward the importance of cultivating the students' autonomous learning abilities of the five-year-preschool major students.Then,it analyzes the present situation of the five-year-preschool major students' autonomous learning abilities and the factors influencing the autonomous learning abilities,and then designs the flipped classroom teaching mode which trains the students' autonomous learning abilities by searching for the theoretical basis of the relevant literature.Finally,the analysis concludes that the flipped classroom teaching mode has a certain effect on the cultivation of five-year-preschool major students' autonomous learning abilities,by using it in the information technology course teaching practice and employing comparative experiment and other research methods,through the study of the horizontal comparison of the experimental class students and the control class in the self-learning abilities and the longitudinal comparison of experimental class students' autonomous learning abilities.The research results can provide some suggestions for the vocational school teachers in cultivating students' autonomous learning abilities,and provides practical basis for the theoretical research on the cultivation of vocational school students' autonomous learning abilities.
Keywords/Search Tags:five-year-preschool-major students, autonomous learning ability, flipped classroom teaching, cultivation
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