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A Study On The Standard Of Teaching And Evaluation Of The Education Professional Sports In Beijing Sports University

Posted on:2019-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330542999377Subject:Sports training
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Beijing sports university is the only "211 project" sports institution in China,and it has a special role in the national sports colleges.With the further development of education deepening reform,education professional track and field courses have made great changes in curriculum plan and training objectives.The throwing technique teaching class hour quantity continuously compressed,but the evaluation standard and the change of lag,already can't satisfy the need of throwing teaching,therefore,it is necessary to throw teaching carried on the thorough analysis of the current standard of assessment,and on the basis of the related research theory and the successful experience of the past,on the premise of reduce not throw teaching evaluation criteria,evaluation by increasing the parallel method,optimization of the existing throwing teaching evaluation methods,to explore Beijing sports university sports education professional throwing project in addition to the standard equipment of light instrument teaching evaluation methods,to enrich the original throwing project examination evaluation system.In this paper,combined with the actual status of the teaching process and the actual needs of students and teachers,by the method of documentation,expert interview method,questionnaire survey method,experimental method,mathematical statistics,logic analysis,with Beijing sports university sports education professional participate in track and field in grade 2014,grade 2015,2015 throwing technology in the teaching in the common course for the students as the object of investigation and research.Analysis of throwing technique teaching standard and technical evaluation scores,and using the method of subsection progressive scoring,formulate a set of throwing light equipment parallel examination standard,in order to improve and enrich the original evaluation system,make it more scientific and practical.The conclusions are as follows:1.Beijing sports university sports education professional throwing lesson reduced teaching time,increase proportion of time examination,the assessment standard standard reform relative lag,the assessment standard is relatively high,teaching difficulty is big,teachers and students on now the inspection standard satisfaction is low,weight will reduce device is relatively strong.2.Based on the standard and technical evaluation of the evaluation methods of combining with piecewise progressive scoring formulated the girls and boys in 6 kg for 3 kg of shot put standard and evaluation standard,as a boy girl 7.26 kg and 4 kg shot inspection parallel evaluation standard,to enrich and perfect the evaluation criteria of the original.3.New shot put light equipment criteria proven by generation,degree of differentiation and technical evaluation standard test,the difference of the identified between the test result can reflect the student the indicators on the far degree and level of technology gap,and there are obvious differentiation,is effective and feasible.4.According to the test scores of the student javelin in recent years,the standard of the standard of the men's throwing of 800 g and 600 g javelin was revised by the method of graded progressive grading.
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