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Gender Wage Gap And Gender Wage Discrimination In China Labor Market

Posted on:2019-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330545497418Subject:Management economics
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With the economic development and social progress,the social status of women has been continuously improved.However,the phenomenon of gender wage gap is still widespread.In order to promote equal rights for men and women and social equity,we need to strive to find out the factors that affect gender wage differentials.Whether women's lower wages are caused by differences in the personal characteristics and employment characteristics of women and men's workers,or caused by the labor market's discrimination against women's groups.The situation of different income groups may be very different.It is not appropriate to study the gender wage disparity between high-income and low-income groups.Therefore,it is necessary to analyze the distribution of wages as a whole.This paper reviews the existing research literature and the progress of the research from both theoretical and empirical dimensions.Based on the cross-sectional data from the 2014 CFPS database,this paper uses RIF-quantile regression decomposition method to measure gender wage gap and discrimination on different quantiles and the impact of various factors on gender wage differences and gender wage discrimination.The empirical study found that:(1)Gender wage gap indeed exists and there is a"sticky floor effect";(2)The decomposition of the gender wage gap shows that the characteristic effects of male and female laborers' wage on each quantile are Negative values,which indicate that the characteristics have a narrowing effect on gender wage differentials.The difference in gender wages among urban residents in China should be attributed to gender discrimination.The proportion of coefficient effect to total gender wage gap is 107.72%,111.23%,113.33%,113,61%and 113.90%respectively in 10%,30%,50%,70%and 90%of income quantiles which indicates that the coefficient effect(discrimination effect)enlarges the gender wage differential of urban residents in China;(3)The accumulation of human capital in the years of education,working years,and training can significantly reduce the gender wage gap.Finally,based on empirical research results,this paper proposes relevant policy recommendations for gender wage differences in the Chinese labor market.
Keywords/Search Tags:gender wage gap, gender wage discrimination, RIF regression decomposition
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