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The Study Of Students' Participation In The Internal Governance Of China's Universities

Posted on:2019-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330545499108Subject:Higher education
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With the continuous promotion of higher education reform,students' participation in university internal governance has become one of the focuses of university management research.As the core stakeholders of University,students are not only passive to accept school management.With the enhancement of students' democratic consciousness and the improvement of self-government ability,the demands of students to participate in the internal governance of colleges and universities are becoming more and more intense,especially in the aspects of the students' own interests.Due to the restriction of our existing institutions and concepts,and the awareness and ability of students,it is difficult for students to participate in university governance.Based on this background,this paper studies the problem of student participation in the internal governance of universities.In view of the analysis of the study on the participation of middle school students in domestic colleges and universities,the author makes a comprehensive use of literature research,historical analysis and comparative study.First,it explains the theory of stakeholder and the theory of good governance.The two theoretical foundations of the analysis are applicable to the participation of high school students in universities.Then,we use historical analysis to discuss and summarize the origin,development and climax of student participation in Western Universities' internal governance.Western university students have a long history of participation,and the participation system is relatively sound,which provides a good governance environment for students' participation.The perfect legal system provides legal guarantee for students' participation.The students' participation in the internal governance of colleges and universities in China started late.Although there are relevant policies to protect the right to participate in the students,the students of our colleges and universities are involved in many forms,and the effect is not ideal.The main reason is that students' participation consciousness is not strong enough and their cognition is not enough.Managers of colleges and universities must attach importance to the role of students as core stakeholders in Colleges and universities,and actively guide students to participate in the protection of students' right to participate.For colleges and universities,the participation of students in the internal governance of colleges and universities can not only promote the scientific and reasonable decision of the internal affairs of colleges and universities,but also promote the development of university reform.For students,participating in the internal governance of colleges and universities is a process of self-management,self-education and self-restraint,which can ultimately promote the overall development of the students.The participation of students in internal governance of colleges and universities can promote the development of socialist democratization very well.In view of the current problem of College Students' participation in our country,we can make an interview from the following aspects: one is to set up a concept of "taking life as the base";two is to establish a normal participation mechanism;and the three is to guarantee the right of students to participate.
Keywords/Search Tags:university internal governance, students' participation, stakeholders, good governance
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