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Study On Quality Assurance System Of Vocational Education In Australia

Posted on:2019-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330545971785Subject:Comparative Education
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As a developed capitalist country,its well-developed vocational education system has promoted its economic and social development.Australia's vocational education quality assurance system provides a strong backing for its vocational education development.From the initial establishment of the quality assurance system to the establishment of a sound process,there are a lot of parts to learn and learn from.Since the 19 th National Congress of CPC,the importance of vocational education has become increasingly prominent in the social scope.Taking the essence,combining the national conditions and drawing on the measures which are beneficial to the guarantee of Vocational Education in our country,the quality guarantee system of the local vocational education can be constructed.The purpose of this study is to summarize the successful experience of Australian vocational education quality assurance system in terms of its development process,quality assurance measures and characteristics,so as to provide references for the development of vocational education quality assurance system in China.This study is divided into six parts:The first part is to discuss the reason of the problem,the definition of the concept,the literature review and the thinking of the research.The second part analyzes the development process,which can be roughly divided into three stages: initial exploration,rapid development and steady improvement.The third part analyzes the entry requirements,and analyzes four aspects of registration training institutions,recognition of learner prior learning,teaching staff and learning contents.The fourth part analyzes Australian vocational education quality assurance system in the process of assurance,the vocational education and training have their own regulatory standards,and regulate registration training institutions,accredited courses,communication and complaints and self-management;secondly,analysis of the various aspects of training package,data security and risk management.The fifth part analyzes the result guarantee of Australian vocational education quality assurance system,and analyzes the quality assurance of output link by analyzing three aspects of certificate issuing standard,skill identification and learner feedback.The sixth part through the analysis of the entry requirements,process and results,it summarizes the characteristics of the quality assurance system of Australian vocational education,mainly from three aspects: the protection of the main body is diverse,the concept of assurance keeps pace with the times and the safeguard measures are reasonable.
Keywords/Search Tags:Australian, assurance system, data security, risk management
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