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Research And Application Of University Student Management Platform Based On Big Data Mining

Posted on:2019-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Z WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330548470769Subject:Computer application technology
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With the continuous improvement of the level of information construction in Colleges and universities,the concept of digital campus to the intelligent campus is put forward,and the development of information technology in Colleges and universities is facing more choices.The large scale and many types of data in the information system of colleges and universities have become the characteristics of the university students' large data environment.At the same time,there is a great deal of valuable information in big data.How to excavate students' school characteristics from the existing big data environment,build student portrait and apply them to university management is an important task of information construction in universities.This project mainly analyzes and studies the problems in current university management,introduces the big data technology into university management,and opens up the information channel between multi business systems,and establishes the data lifecycle management model of universities.We take corresponding mining and analyzing methods for different data,extract eigenvalues,set up behavioral models as data labels,and build multi angle student portrait to provide assistant decision-making for university management.This paper is based on the work of the Education Committee of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee of the capital college students' Ideological and political education research project "big data from the perspective of college students work card data analysis and application,combined with the management work of College Students' subject,mainly to complete work content(1)The integration of school business system data,through the information channel between the information system,establish multi system data center and the realization of student data lifecycle management,including data collection,cleaning,storage and file recovery,records of student admission important node graduation period data.(2)By analyzing the needs of university management and the characteristics of university data,the data collected by information system is classified effectively,and the corresponding data mining method is applied to extract the eigenvalues according to the characteristics of the data.(3)According to the characteristics of different categories of data,we extract results from different categories of data,set up student portrait labeling system for different groups of students,build student portrait and apply it to university management business.(4)To study the identification of family economic difficulties based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation algorithm and student portrait,and scientifically and efficiently identify the results of effective student family economic situation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Large data, University student management, Life cycle management, Behavior trajectory analysis, Student portrait
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