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Research On Total Quality Management Of Professional Practice For Full-time Professional Master's Degree

Posted on:2019-04-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330566486541Subject:Higher Education
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As China's higher education gradually embarks on the connotation-based development path,relevant quality requirements for full-time professional graduate degree education are proposed.Professional practice is the specialty of postgraduate education in professional degrees,and it is also the core link of full-time postgraduate master' education.Improving the quality of professional practice is crucial to improving the quality of education for full-time professional master students.This study starts from the reality of the quality management problems of the current professional full-time master students' professional practice,takes total quality management theory as the theoretical guide,and selects 17 full-time masters from a research university in South China by means of chain sampling,understanding their personal experience and experience of their professional practice through in-depth interviews,then the problems existing in the current professional practice have been found,and on the basis of those problems,the corresponding countermeasures and recommendations are put forward.The main research contents include the following aspects.Firstly,the theoretical analysis is given to total quality management of professional practice of full-time master students.First of all,through the analysis of the basic guiding ideology and management characteristics of total quality management theory,combined with the educational characteristics of full-time professional graduate students' professional practice,it is found that it is necessary and feasible to implement total quality management in the professional practice process.Secondly,this study has transformed the core concepts of total quality management including “quality”,“customers” and “products”,and management features including “comprehensiveness”,“whole-process” and “whole-personnel”,thus the quality management of full-time masters majors has laid a theoretical foundation with a high degree of relevance,and the overall analytical framework of this study has been established.Secondly,it is the status survey and problem analysis.Based on the analysis framework of total quality management for professional practice of full-time master students,this study conducts an empirical investigation of professional practice from the perspectives of customer-oriented quality management,preventive quality management,and the entire personnel quality management,then find many problems existing in professional practice.Thirdly,this part is about the basic tactics of full-time professional master students' professional practice of total quality management.Combining with the practical problemsexisting in professional practice of current full-time master graduate students,the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions are put forward from three aspects:customer-oriented quality management,preventive quality management and full-member quality management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Full-time Professional Master, Professional Practice, Total Quality Management
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