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Research On Factors Influencing The Quality Of The Employment Of University Graduates And Its Countermeasure

Posted on:2017-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330566953571Subject:Marxist theory
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The number of college graduates is up to 7.49 million in 2015,which is 220 thousand more than that of last year.Due to the largest number in history,2015 is called as ‘the most difficult year for graduate employment',and employment difficulty becomes the hot issue for society,college and graduates again.Given the drawback of one-time employment ratio,focus of college and state about graduate employment is shifted from quantity to quality,and standard to evaluate employment level,quality and competition of college relies on more influencing factors instead of employment ratio.Employment quality is an index which contain a great amount of influencing factors,so a sophisticated evaluation system which is scientific,applicable and suitable needs to be constituted.The core value of higher-education organization is to cultivate students,which makes the research of graduate employment quality and strategy to improve it very important.Job in employment quality research of thesis refers to the first job for which graduates have hunted after graduating from their university,it is also called ‘the first employment'.Employment quality is a comprehensive concept to evaluate labor's employment condition and satisfaction.Based on study of related literature,employment quality evaluation system is built on Delphi method to assess employment from five aspects: payment welfare,graduation satisfaction,correspondence of personality,matching degree of specialty and work stability.After conducting survey and data collection on 855 undergraduate student of 2015 session of a university in Wuhan city,many methods,like correlation analysis and multivariate regression analysis,are employed together to explore the factor influencing undergraduate employment quality.Advice is give from the perspectives of undergraduate,college and enterprise according to research results.Conclusions of thesis is as followings:(1).Academic level,number of casted CV,resources to obtain information,cognition of target company,clear career path,confidence and optimism out of 29 factors have positive impact on undergraduate employment quality;(2).Social capital is rarely related with college graduate employment quality;(3).Specialty attribute is negatively correlated with employment satisfaction and correspondence of personality;(4).More times you have been a cadre,less related your job is to your job.Based on research conclusion,undergraduate is advised to shift their notion and participate in job-hunting activities by increasing psychological capital,cultivating confidence,developing hope and paying attention to accumulate human resource.Colleges should be oriented by employment market and optimize major reform,form the integrated development system of career education and attach more emphases on undergraduate psychological development.They are also advised to improve recruitment service and broaden resource of employment information.Enterprises are suggested to optimize management regulation and build harmonious company culture.Furthermore,long-term cooperation between colleges and enterprises should be maintained,and a better mutual interaction platform is beneficial to both parts.
Keywords/Search Tags:College Graduates, Employment Quality, Influencing Factors
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