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On The Relationship Between The Economic Development And The Employment Of Xinjiang

Posted on:2019-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330566966683Subject:Theoretical Economics
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Economic development is closely related to labor employment.Economic development is the stabilizer of labor employment.Labor employment is the guarantee for healthy economic development and social stability.Xinjiang's economic development and employment growth is the objective requirement for achieving stable development of Xinjiang,and is closely related to the most fundamental interests of the people.The study of the relationship between Xinjiang's economic development and employment in the context of the new economy can provide suggestions for the promotion of Xinjiang's employment problems and the promotion of economic stability.This paper,guided by economic growth theory,economic structure theory,industrial development theory,labor employment theory and human capital theory,chooses the method of literature analysis,systematic analysis,qualitative and quantitative analysis to study the mechanism of its impact on employment by selecting the main indicators of economic development,and carries out an empirical analysis.It is found that fixed assets investment,industrial division of labor,urbanization rate,education level,per capita disposable income have a strong role in promoting employment growth,but there are still some problems in Xinjiang,such as unbalance of industrial development,lagging of urbanization development,industrial division level need to be improved,and technical level still need to be strengthened.At the same time,it also analyzes the challenge of resolving overcapacity in Xinjiang and solving the employment of a large number of college graduates,as well as the development opportunities brought to Xinjiang by the policy of aid to Xinjiang and the economy of the silk road.In view of the problems faced by Xinjiang's economic development and labor employment,this paper puts forward the way to promote the increase of employment from the aspects of "seize the opportunity,create more jobs" and "deal with the challenges and increase the supply of effective labor" in view of the opportunities andchallenges facing the employment.To achieve the common improvement of Xinjiang's economic development and labor employment,we must give full play to their advantages and promote each other's development.Therefore,it is necessary to strengthen the investment and stabilize the economic growth;develop the entrepreneurial economy and provide more jobs;make use of the advantages of the textile industry in Xinjiang to continue to develop the textile and garment production;encourage the graduates to work at the grass-roots level to relieve the pressure on the employment of College Students.
Keywords/Search Tags:Economic development, Labor employment, Economic growth, Economic structure, Industrial division of labor
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