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A Study On The Consturuction Of Moral Education In Colleges Under The Background Of Fostering Morality And Cultivating People

Posted on:2020-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330572472631Subject:Ideological and political education
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Moral education in colleges plays an important role in improving the ideological and moral level of college students and promoting the all-round development of college students.However,with the development of the times,there are many problems in the practice of moral education in Chinese colleges,such as,the abstraction of moral education,the idealization of moral education,the utilitarianism of moral education,and the formalization of moral education.They are mainly caused by the serious disconnect between college moral education and the actual life of college students,it greatly reduces the effectiveness of moral education in college life.Moreover,the convening of the 18th and 19th National Congress has brought the development of China's moral education in schools into a new stage,it is the fundamental task of China's education to put forward the fostering morality and cultivating people,and declare socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era.It brings new development opportunity for our country and also raises higher and more difficult requirements and tasks to college moral education.So how to effectively implement life moral education,how to successfully build the life moral education in colleges have become the most important task in the current education field.Therefore,To achieve these goals that college students can continuously improve the ideological and moral level,strengthen the experience and perception of morality,and form a sound personality,we should make life as the support of moral education,start from the actual life of college students,and strengthen the experience and perception of college students on morality in college moral education.This paper mainly includes four parts:The first chapter is the introduction part,it mainly talks about the research significance,research purpose,research methods and innovation points,and provides a theoretical basis for the research of this topics,and provides a theoretical basis for the research of this topic.The second part mainly talks about the relative theory of fostering morality and cultivating people and life moral education,and discusses the necessity of the construction of moral education mode in Chinese colleges from three perspectives of society,colleges and individual.The three chapter mainly talks about the problems that is existing in the construction of life moral education mode in colleges,combined with the current times'background of our country,and analyzes the reason from the four parts of the traditional moral education thoughts,the defects of college moral education system,the limitations of moral education subjects and the impact of new media on college moral education.The last chapter is based on the previous discussion and analysis and combined with the goal of fostering morality and cultivating people,it puts forward the effective methods and ways of constructing the life moral education in colleges to promote the establishment of a healthy and harmonious moral education environment,to continuously improve the ideological and moral level of college students,and to promote the formation of college students,virtue.
Keywords/Search Tags:fostering morality and cultivating people, colleges, life moral education, construction idea
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