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Research On The Improvement Of Internal Quality Guarantee System Of Teaching Quality In Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2020-06-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F A ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330572488564Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Teaching quality is an eternal theme in the development of education in higher vocational colleges,and it is also a hot issue that has been paid attention to by all sectors of society after the realization of the leap-forward development stage of higher vocational colleges in China,and the higher vocational education in China needs to be steady on the platform of educational popularization after experienceing the leap-forward development of quantity.Build a quality era that belongs to higher vocational colleges.As society gradually enters the new normal stage of economic development," China Manufacturing 2025" strategic plan raised,this has made new provisions for the training quality and training requirements of technical skilled talents.How to be in the context of the rise of countries around the world,making the talents cultivated in higher vocational colleges realize " China Manufacturing 2025" Strategic plan is one of the major challenges facing higher vocational colleges at pre-sent.It is not only an objective requirement to improve the teaching quality of higher vocational colleges,but also an effective way to implement the training goal of technical skilled personnel,and to realize the needs of higher vocational colleges to achieve sustainable development,which is to establish the brand characteristics of higher vocational colleges and universities.Meet the requirements of the social and economic market for the training of technical skilled personnel,It is important to realize " China Manufacturing 2025".In order to analyze the present situation,main problems and the deep causes of the problems in the internal teaching quality guarantee system of higher vocational colleges,this paper puts forward some reasonable countermeasures.The study selected Sichuan S vocational College as a case school,conducted in-depth interviews with the school administration Office,the Quality Assurance department and individual students,and obtained a wealth of materials on the Teaching quality guarantee system of Sichuan s vocational College.Under the guidance of the theory of total quality management,it is found that the school has made certain achievements in the aspect of quality assurance system,but there are still some shortcomings in some aspects,such as: The job responsibility standard does not reflect the management thought of full participation,the quality standard of personnel training is not clear,the quality control system does not reflect the whole process of management thought,the steering Group member source is single,the supervision work function is lost,the higher vocational College has the lack of enthusiasm to the teaching quality control,the evaluation process and the participation subject is not comprehensive,Teachers and students do not pay attention to the evaluation of teaching quality,the enthusiasm for participation is not high,the information feedback cycle is long,the timeliness of feedback is poor,the lack of qualitative analysis of information processing,the feedback results are not reasonable enough and so on seriously affect the improvement of teaching quality in higher vocational colleges.The main reasons for these results are as follows: the lag of ideas limits the development of teaching quality guarantee system in higher vocational colleges,the development history of higher vocational colleges is not long,the quality assurance system is in the exploration stage,the purpose of evaluation in higher vocational colleges is not clear,and the conditions for carrying out higher vocational teaching quality guarantee system are limited.On the basis of the above analysis,combining with the actual investigation of the shortcomings of higher vocational colleges in the Teaching quality assurance system,taking into account the quality management of total Quality management theory,the quality management of the whole process and the basic principles of comprehensive quality management,this paper puts forward the perfect strategy of the internal teaching quality guarantee system in higher vocational colleges,Explore new ways to improve teaching quality and running schools in higher vocational colleges.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher vocational colleges, teaching quality, in-school teaching quality assurance system, Total Quality Management theory
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