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A Study On Hybrid Teaching Model Based On Knowledge Mapping

Posted on:2020-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330575487449Subject:Education Technology
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With the rapid development of quality education and the introduction of educational reduction in the new era,which have further promoted the pace of curriculum and teaching reform.Therefore,it is of great educational significance to construct a teaching model which based on quality education as the core.This paper is attempting to explore the effectiveness of teaching model reform from the aspects of analysises,processes and evaluations of teaching,and build a hybrid-teaching model based on knowledge mapping(KP)for the purpose of improving students'mathematics literacy and ability development.This study,as a supplement to the traditional classroom teaching,explores the teaching effect under the guidance of the tool of knowledge mapping through practical teaching design and application viajudging students'mastery and application ability of knowledge.Meanwhile,with the help of Gagne's classification of learning results and Bloom's cognitive targets classification,this study subdivided the mathematics knowledge points of the first-grade junior high school into small knowledge ones,that is,the extraction progress of the points of knowledge.At the same time,by combining the knowledge mapping construction process with the teaching objectives,each observation point is set for each knowledge point,and the assessment of student learning is achieved through the comparative analysis of the data.In the process of completing each question,this reaserch will make a step-by-step knowledge test to the students and continue to observe the problem-solving processes.Based on this process,accompanied by timely feedback and targeted teaching adjustments,periodic and formative evaluations are carried out.In the process of evaluation,staged knowledge points are repeatedly reviewed and guided according to the actual weak links of students to help students continuously improve their enthusiasm for learning.In the process of evaluation,the experiment carries out repeated review and guidance based on the actual weak points of the students to help students continuously improve their enthusiasm for learning,as well as,develop good learning methods and thinking habits and so on.And more importantly,help them to realize the internalization,reconstruction and migration of knowledge,finally form the mastery of the teaching content.The whole teaching process continues to circulate,gradually forming a closed loop of dynamic interaction and spiraling,which ultimately enables students to achieve the common improvement of knowledge learning and self-learning ability.The main contents of this research include the following aspects:(1)Pre-teaching analysis and instructional design.Based on the theoretical research and domestic and international research review and the actual teaching content and resources,on the other hand,the analysis of learner characteristics,this study aim to utilize the integration of content and resources to compile teaching programs and guide the teaching process.This process mainly includes questionnaire analysis of the basic information of the teaching objects and experiment schools,as well as field visits to teachers.(2)Database management system Neo4j design and application.The Neo4j database system is the basic tool for building knowledge maps.Therefore,the system has been designed and applied accordingly.And the Java language was designed in the Java environment for node creation,relationship definition and knowledge map construction.(3)Research,design and application of hybrid pattern teaching based on knowledge map.After the above-mentioned statistical analysis of the basic information of the research object and the mastering of the basic information;,based on the teaching content and teaching objectives,this study combines the actual teaching situations,analyzes and designs the teaching process under the guidance and requirements of the curriculum standards.(4)Carrying out the empirical study of mixed teaching,that is,the analysis,design,implementation,management and evaluation of teaching experiments.Empirical research is the foundation and basis for data acquisition and teaching evaluation.Therefore,based on the teaching theory research and previous experimental review,this study combines the basic situation of teaching practice,aiming to carry out the teaching experiment design and data collection on the hybrid teaching mode based on knowledge map.And in the end,analysis and summary of the experimental results.
Keywords/Search Tags:Knowledge map, Neo4j database, hybrid teaching, junior high school mathematics, thinking ability and learning strategy
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