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Research On Academic Governance Of Newly-built Applied Undergraduate Colleges In Anhui Province

Posted on:2020-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330575971233Subject:Higher Education
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Universities are places for studying advanced knowledge and exploring advanced academics.The improvement of academic quality and academic development of universities can not be separated from the perfect academic governance ability.Academic governance refers to the regulation and guidance of all academic affairs within the school.It is a horizontal management,highlighting the equality between the governing subject and the object.All stakeholders respect each other,negotiate equally and participate in governance together from bottom to top.The Regulation of Academic Committees of Colleges and Universities promulgated in 2014 confirmed the status of academic boards as the highest academic institution of the university,and point out that the academic governance system and structure should take the academic boards as the core.Academic boards,as the main body to exercise academic power to deal with academic affairs,are the core organizations of academic governance.They are responsible for most academic affairs at the school level.Their duties and operation are restricted by their own charters.Academic boards reflect academic governance by dealing with various kinds of academic affairs.The statute of academic boards can be said to carry out academic governance at the institutional level.The implementation of the statute in practical work can reflect the basic situation of academic governance and reflect the academic governance ability of the school.This study focuses on academic governance of newly-built Applied Undergraduate Colleges in Anhui Province.Compared with ordinary colleges and universities,these colleges and universities are faced with such problems as shorter running time,weak academic foundation and lack of senior talent resources.These realities make the academic governance ability of newly-built Applied Undergraduate Colleges in Anhui Province weak.The problems that should be paid attention to in academic governance are different from those of ordinary colleges and universities.These schools should consider their own actual situation,formulate the statutes of academic boards according to their characteristics,carry out academic governance work,properly handle the difficulties faced in academic governance,constantly improve their academic governance capabilities,and promote the development of academic governance and school-running level.Based on the theory of stakeholder theory and governance theory,this study takes stakeholders in the internal and external environment of the university as the entry point,fully considers and respects the interests of different stakeholders in academic governance,and coordinates the interests of different subjects.Promote the wide participation of all stakeholders and jointly govern the academic affairs of colleges and universities.Through the analysis of the texts of the academic boards of colleges,it can be seen that the academic boards of the newly-built applied undergraduate colleges in Anhui Province are running well,and the relevant systems and academic governance capabilities are relatively perfect.The main performances are that the academic boards are relatively well-organized,the different stakeholders are widely involved in academic governance,the academic board have a relatively complete scope of functions,and the academic boards are relatively democratic and fair in decision-making.However,there are some obstacles and problems in the implementation of the statute of the academic boards and the daily operation of the academic boards.The academic governance of the newly-built Applied Undergraduate Colleges in Anhui Province still needs to be improved.Combining with the existing relevant literature,this paper makes a grounded theoretical analysis to analyze the realistic dilemma of academic governance:the government's decentralized autonomy in running schools has not been fully and effectively implemented;academic power and administrative power should be relatively separated or moderately crossed;the composition of the academic boards' members lacks its own characteristics,the selection of boards' members lacks democracy;the operation and management of academic boards need to be improved;the academic boards and other organizations have unclear boundaries;the supervision mechanism is not perfect.In order to solve the problems currently faced by academic governance and improve the ability of academic governance,it is necessary to explore the path of improving the academic management ability of newly-built applied undergraduate colleges in Anhui Province based on the actual situation of the school:first,to implement the autonomy of running a university;second,to promote social power participation;the third is to regulate the relationship between academic organizations in the school;the fourth is to improve the overall quality of academic staff;the fifth is to rationally coordinate the relationship between academic rights and administrative power;the sixth is to improve the supervision mechanism and reward and punishment mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Anhui Province, Newly-built Applied Undergraduate Colleges, Academic Governance, the Constitution of Academic Board
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