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Research On The Change Of College Students' Knowledge View Under The Background Of Innovative Education

Posted on:2020-11-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From the promulgation of Innovation-Driven development strategy to the proposal of the policy of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Universal Innovation”,innovation has increasingly become the pursuing goals in various fields,the promotion of innovative education and the cultivation of innovative talents have become the primary task of Higher Education.The promotion of innovation education in universities and the cultivation of innovative talents need to have a view of knowledge that matches or adapts to the innovation education.Therefore,it is of great practical significance and value to study the knowledge view of College Students under the background of innovative education.By investigating the current situation of the concept of knowledge of undergraduates and analyzing whether it meets the requirements of knowledge outlook for innovative education,and then put forward the strategies for the transformation of the concept of knowledge of undergraduates.The structure and main contents of this paper are as follows:First is the introduction to this paper,in which I will talk about the raise of study topic,literature review,research Purpose,studying significant,Research Process and Implementation,Innovation and definition of the key words.And the assumption is that a fundamental connection between the promotion of innovative education and the concept of knowledge of undergraduates.It is necessary for college students to form a knowledge outlook that meets the requirements of innovative education to further promote innovative education.The second part is the basic theory of my paper,mainly expounds the background of innovative education,and point out the relationship between the development of innovative education in Colleges and the concept of knowledge of undergraduates,and the characteristics of knowledge view adapted to the needs of innovative education are analyzed.The third part is the questionnaire survey on the actual situation of the concept of knowledge of undergraduates based on the "ought-to-be" knowledge concept under the background of innovative education.First I will compile and distribute questionnaires,data was analyzed with SPSS 13.0 statistic software.Secondly,it analyses the current situation and problems of College Students' knowledge outlook at all levels.Finally,the influence of College Students' knowledge outlook on students' innovative learning behavior and problem representation are analyzed.The fourth part makes an analysis of the causes of the knowledge outlook problems which affect the innovative learning behavior of College students,including the inertia of basic education,the lack of innovation in curriculum and teaching in Colleges and universities,the obstacles to innovation of college students themselves,and the influence of campus cultural atmosphere and scientific knowledge paradigm.The fifth part: concerning the problems and reasons of college students' knowledge view,finally puts forward the corresponding strategies to change the view of knowledge of undergraduates from the following aspects: Setting up the Course System Scientifically and Reasonably,Change and Choice of Teaching Content,The Reform of Teacher's Teaching Method,Student Evaluation Principle and College Students' extracurricular Activities.This paper mainly investigates and Studies University Students' knowledge outlook.In fact,the promotion of innovative education not only needs to explore the transformation of University Students' knowledge outlook,but also needs to make a deep study of the interaction between University teachers,university teachers and students and the relationship between teachers and students' knowledge outlook contained in the process.It is a long way to go to study the above content,which will also become the future endeavor.
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