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Research On The Characteristics Of Highly Satisfied Undergraduate Courses

Posted on:2020-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330575992661Subject:Higher Education
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Under the background that higher education pays attention to connotative development,improving the quality of undergraduate education has become the most important task in the work of colleges and universities.As a breakthrough and key point to improve the quality of undergraduate education,curriculum plays an important role in undergraduate education.In order to explore the effective path of curriculum construction in Colleges and universities,this study takes students' perception of curriculum as the starting point,investigates Undergraduates' perception of high-satisfaction undergraduate curriculum,summarizes the characteristics of high-satisfaction undergraduate curriculum,provides experience and inspiration for curriculum construction in Colleges and universities.Based on this,this study takes the undergraduates of Grade 2015,2016 and 2017 of H University as the subjects of investigation,and uses questionnaire survey and interview method to explore the perception of Undergraduates of H University on the undergraduate course of high satisfaction from 4 dimensions: curriculum objectives,curriculum content,curriculum implementation and curriculum evaluation.Through the analysis of 1819 questionnaires and 52 interviews,it is found that the most satisfying aspects for undergraduates are curriculum content,curriculum implementation,curriculum objectives and curriculum evaluation.Gender,subject type and curriculum nature will make Undergraduates' perception of high satisfaction undergraduate courses different.In terms of specific characteristics,the curriculum objectives of high-satisfaction undergraduate courses are oriented,flexible and objective;the curriculum contents of high-satisfaction undergraduate courses are relevant,valuable,innovative and diverse;the curriculum implementation of high-satisfaction undergraduate courses is divided into the characteristics of the subject of curriculum implementation and the characteristics of the process of curriculum implementation,and the characteristics of the subject of curriculum implementation are that teachers possess conquest learning.Students' personality charm,students' active curriculum input,the characteristics of curriculum implementation process include teachers' conscientious and responsible teaching attitude,diversified teaching methods,flexible and changeable language expression and harmonious interaction between teachers and students;The characteristics of curriculum evaluation are difficult and moderate evaluation difficulty,process-oriented evaluation method and full-load evaluation results.Through the rational analysis of the undergraduate course with high degree of satisfaction,we can see that the evaluation subject of the course satisfaction is the reliable and rational students;the course idea follows the student-centered,and the course essence is the "golden course".In view of this,based on the characteristics of the undergraduate courses with high satisfaction,this study mainly provides experience and inspiration for the curriculum construction of colleges and universities from four aspects.In terms of curriculum objectives,we should have the curriculum development goals of integration of science and education,flexible and specific curriculum teaching objectives,and specific and feasible curriculum learning objectives;in terms of curriculum content,we should not only diversify the sources of curriculum content,but also flexibly organize curriculum content;in terms of curriculum implementation,Teachers should not only stick to the principle of being teachers,but also students should assume their responsibilities as students.Teachers and students should also build a classroom learning community together.In the aspect of curriculum evaluation,we should not only diversify the evaluation methods,but also improve the evaluation difficulty reasonably,and increase students' learning gains.
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