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Application Of The Research On The Operational Mechanism Of University Interdisciplinary Organization

Posted on:2020-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330590460586Subject:Higher Education
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Innovation is the first driving force for development.Under the call of such an era,promoting interdisciplinary research is an objective requirement and an inevitable trend for the country to build an innovation system and enhance university research innovation and obtain competitive advantage.Under the guidance of national policies,universities of our country are actively exploring ways to promote interdisciplinary research.As an effective institutional innovation,many universities have established interdisciplinary research institutions.The establishment of interdisciplinary institutions,as the innovation of scientific research system and mechanism,has indeed provided an important platform for the promotion of interdisciplinary research in colleges and universities.While undertaking the tasks of national and university scientific research,it has played an important role in teaching,knowledge dissemination,achievement application,regional participation and national innovation.A perfect interdisciplinary organization is an effective carrier to carry out many interdisciplinary activities and they are in a multi-subject system such as industry,government,and university.The sound operation of interdisciplinary organizations requires reliable institutional arrangements both internally and externally.In order to promote interdisciplinary research and improve the operation of interdisciplinary research institutions,foreign universities have made a lot of exploration,innovation and achievements.On the basis of consulting interdisciplinary related literature,this paper first reviews the evolution and development of interdisciplinary organization in universities at home and abroad from the perspective of the connotation of interdisciplinary,interdisciplinary,interdisciplinary research and interdisciplinary organization in universities,and comprehensively analyzes the obstacles faced by interdisciplinary organization in universities from different perspectives.Secondly,this paper selects different types of interdisciplinary organizations of foreign universities for case study,and analyzes the organizational structure,positioning and operation guarantee mechanism of Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research(ECIBR),which is located in the medical school of Boston university in the United States,Wyss institute of Bioinspired engineering independently established by Harvard University in the United States,and the School of Applied Science and Engineeringwith interdisciplinary strategic orientation in the university of Toronto in Canada.In addition,combining knowledge triangle theory and synergy theory to summarize the characteristics of interdisciplinary organization effective operation and construct interdisciplinary organization operation mechanism,its operation mechanism is characterized by collaborative participation governance mechanism,perfect project management mechanism,effective resource integration mechanism,interdisciplinary Education and training mechanisms and multi-level finds application mechanisms.In addition,combining the theory of knowledge triangle and synergy theory summarizes the characteristics of the interdisciplinary organization effective operation and build interdisciplinary organization operating mechanism,the mechanism of collaborative governance mechanism,perfect project management mechanism,the effective mechanism of resource integration,interdisciplinary education and training system and multi-level application system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Interdisciplinary academic institutions, university interdisciplinary organizations, operational mechanisms, safeguard mechanisms
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