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Researh On The Construction Of Quality Assurance System For Talents Cultivation In Local Universities

Posted on:2020-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330590956948Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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At present,China's higher education has entered the stage of popular development,improving the quality of running schools has become the focus of attention of colleges and universities and all walks of life.With the deepening of the comprehensive reform in the field of higher education,the profound change of the concept of government education management,the continuous improvement of social participation consciousness,the gradual strengthening of the main responsibility of running a university,and the governance pattern of multi-subject participation in the quality of personnel training in universities has initially taken shape.Local colleges and universities shoulder the responsibility of training and transporting a large number of higher education talents for our region.They are an important part of the development of higher education in our country.They have experienced the expansion of scale and the adjustment of school-running structure.At present,improving the quality of personnel training has become the first priority of Local Colleges and universities' school-running objectives.Up to now,local colleges and universities in China have formed different talent training modes and quality assurance methods.In the "Guiding Opinions on the Transformation and Development of Local Universities" issued by the Ministry of Education,local universities are required to base themselves on the foundation of their own schools and implement the transformation pilot development in light of regional development.The quality of talent training in local colleges and universities faces new challenges,such as the positioning of school goals brought about by transformation and development,the adjustment of professional courses,the reform of training models,the transformation of local governments and industry enterprises in the region,and the changes in public interest demands.Affect the quality of talent training in local colleges and universities.Under the background of the new era,the quality of talent training in local universities facing the trend of transformation and development “Who is to protect?” and “How to protect?” has become a hot issue in the field of higher education.This paper uses historical research,investigation and research and comparative analysis to analyze the influencing factors and related policies of the quality assurance system of local colleges and universities in China,and summarizes the main body and components of the quality assurance system for local colleges and universities.Through reading and interviewing the system text,we can understand the current situation of the quality assurance system of talent cultivation in local colleges and universities,and find that there are some problems,such as the single subject of quality assurance system construction,the lack of quantitative assessment criteria for talent cultivation quality evaluation,the incomplete supervision dimension,and the insufficient external feedback,etc.From the lack of consensus on quality assurance of the whole school,the low enthusiasm of teachers and students to participate,and the quality of talent cultivation.The reasons for the imperfection of the evaluation mechanism,the conservatism of the concept of quality management and the lag of the construction of external feedback institutions are analyzed.On the assumption of seeking solutions to the problems,drawing on the successful experience of American State universities in guaranteeing the quality system of talent cultivation,this paper holds that the construction of the quality assurance system of talent cultivation in local colleges and universities in China should follow the principles of scientificity,whole process,full participation and continuous improvement,and construct a set of objectives,resource assurance,operation management,quality monitoring and adjustment for talent cultivation.Improve and rectify the quality assurance system of talent cultivation in local colleges and universities,which mainly focuses on information diagnosis and feedback from stakeholders inside and outside the school.In terms of specific countermeasures,the government should change its role and give full play to macro-control;universities should renew their concepts,encourage multi-party participation,gradually decentralize the management focus,stimulate the vitality of colleges and departments,constantly optimize the curriculum,improve the teaching incentive system;at the same time,we should strengthen information disclosure and support the development of third-party evaluation institutions with the government.In order to promote the construction of the quality assurance system of talent cultivation in local colleges and universities,and improve the quality of talent cultivation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Local colleges, Quality of talent training, Quality assurance system, Multi-participation
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