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The Principles And Empirical Research On The Quality Assurance System Of Undergraduate Teaching Based On Process-functional Structure Relationship

Posted on:2020-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y XiongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330590977328Subject:Regional management and public policy
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The scale of higher education in China is the largest in the world,and it is developing rapidly towards the stage of universalization of higher education.In the process of becoming a powerful country in higher education,the improvement of the quality of higher education is undoubtedly the key.As far as higher education is concerned,undergraduate education is the most important and the core foundation.Therefore,improving the quality of undergraduate education is of fundamental significance for promoting the development of the whole quality of higher education in China.The formation of undergraduate teaching quality has its regularity,and its quality management follows the general quality management principles and basic principles.At present,courses,majors,colleges and schools are generally adopted in the cultivation of undergraduate talents,and the quality of undergraduate teaching is formed in its teaching process,which is formed by multiple process elements,namely influencing factors.Therefore,when studying the quality of undergraduate teaching,we should first understand the quality of undergraduate teaching and its formation rules.In essence,undergraduate teaching quality is the specific embodiment of the dynamic requirements of relevant parties in undergraduate teaching.Starting from the four levels of curriculum,major,college and school,this paper studies the formation process and influencing factors of teaching quality at different levels.Since college and school are the same teaching management level,this paper puts school management in the same chapter.Finally,the undergraduate teaching quality assurance system is constructed.The teaching quality assurance system established by the university is oriented by teaching quality objectives and supported by teaching resources.It is a five-in-one resource--curriculum--specialty--college--school,with measurable evaluation and self-improvement mechanism.According to this research idea,the author carried out the following research work:Firstly,the process method of quality management and the management principle of PDCA cycle are applied,this paper systematically and deeply analyzes the formation rules of education quality,and finds out the process--functional structure relationship of curriculum,specialty,college and school,respectively.On the basis of comprehensively and accurately grasping the factors affecting education quality,this paper studies and constructs the quality assurance system controlling the factors.Secondly,the theoretical results are applied to the empirical analysis of a university,and the quality of undergraduate teaching is evaluated by combining qualitative and quantitative methods.The quality evaluation of courses and majors is based on the principle of quality management to construct the evaluation index system.Select the university 2016-2018 and 10 courses four new engineering data from2015-2017,respectively,are analyzed in the quality of courses and professional,the ranking of each value is obtained at the same time analyzed the primary index relative to the value of the target layer,identify the specific weak links that exist in the teaching process,and put forward the corresponding improvement countermeasures.Finally,the basic principles of the undergraduate teaching quality assurance system are studied.The structural characteristics and connotation of the undergraduate teaching quality assurance system are analyzed and summarized with the model of "122456".The undergraduate teaching quality assurance system is constructed,which is oriented by the teaching quality objectives,with the PDCA cycle running through the entire teaching operation process and finally presented in the form of documents.
Keywords/Search Tags:undergraduate teaching quality, quality assurance system, process factor model, related party, evaluation index
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