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Research On Students' Engagement Based On The Self-determination Theory

Posted on:2019-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330593950881Subject:Industrial Engineering
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The purpose of this study is to analysis the basic psychological needs,autonomous motivation level and the students' engagement of contemporary college students.Through the establishment of structural equation model,we study hao the basic psychological needs influence on autonomous motivation,and then have a influence on the students' engagement.First of all,we have a review on the relevant theories of self-determination theory and students' engagement theory.And then this paper constructs a theoretical model of college students' basic psychological needs,autonomous motivation and students' engagement.After that,a scale and a questionnaire were designed with reference to the mature scale and relevant theories.This paper measure the psychological needs from three dimensions: need for autonomy,competence and relatedness;measure the autonomous motivation from the two dimensions: challenge and enjoyment,measure the students' engagement from two dimensions: academic involvement and social involvement.Based on the questionnaire survey of 546 college students,this paper analyzes and compares the level of college students' basic psychological needs,the autonomous motivation and the students' engagement.The results showed that the basic psychological needs of college students were satisfied(mean =3.62),the level of autonomous motivation was high(mean =3.73),and the degree of students' engagement was slightly higher than medium level(mean =3.12).Also,we find that higher grade students have better satisfaction of the competence need;the students from city have better relatedness need satisfaction than students from rural areas;boys have higher challenging motivation than girls;science students have higher challenging motivation than liberal arts students;graduate student have higher academic involvement than undergraduate students;medical students have higher social involvement than the other students.Then,through the structural equation models constructed in this paper,we make a confirmatory analysis of the influence of the college students' basic psychological needs satisfaction on their autonomous motivation and then on the students' engagement.The results show that need for autonomy,need for competence and need for relatedness have a positive influence on the challenge motivation and enjoyment motivation.Challenge motivation has a positive effect on students' academic involvement and social involvement.Enjoyment motivation have a positive effect on students' social involvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Self-determination, Basic psychological needs, Autonomous motivation, Students' engagement
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