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A Practical Study Of Learing Plan On Improving The Quality Of Scientific Thinking In Biology

Posted on:2020-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of The Times,the competition between countries reflects the competition for talents to a certain extent.In order to cultivate new talents that adapt to the development trend and changes of The Times,all countries have increased their efforts and investment in personnel training.Our country makes clear in each kind of education report: must carry out the moral tree person,the development quality education.Therefore,a series of targeted deepening reforms have been carried out in the curriculum setting of basic education.Under the influence of the current trend of development,China has formulated new high school biology curriculum standards,aiming at cultivating students' core qualities.Scientific thinking is an important component of the core accomplishment of biology.The level of scientific thinking literacy directly affects the level of students' core literacy.Therefore,to improve the students' core quality of biology must improve the students' scientific thinking quality,in order to promote the overall level of students' core quality.Biology is a science.Scientific cognition needs to be verified and explained by scientific methods.Only in this way can we see the world better,find problems,better explain problems and seek new knowledge.Therefore,to learn biology well,scientific thinking is one of the indispensable qualities.Knowledge and transmission need some tools.As an auxiliary tool for students' learning,the design of degree case conforms to students' cognitive rules and psychological characteristics.Logical content and classroom activities in composition are closely related to the cultivation of students' thinking.Based on this,the degree program is closely related to scientific thinking.Therefore,the research on this topic is determined.I will mainly study this topic from the following aspects:(1)Iiterature method was used to find the assessment indicators of biological scientific thinking literacy.On this basis,biological knowledge in junior middle school was selected as the assessment content.Self-made assessment paper 1 of scientific thinking literacy was used as the pre-test.(2)Through SPSS software for class 1 and class 3 a pretest scores of normal distribution test and independent samples T test,the result is: the two classes of grade coefficient of skewness and kurtosis coefficients is less than 1,shows that the test results accord with normal distribution,using independent sample T test class two grade whether there was a significant difference,as a result,P = 0.089 > 0.05,shows that the two classes of biology,"" scientific thinking literacy level no difference with the basis of experiment,so make sure that in comparative classes for class 1,experimental class for class 3.(3)Through the consult literature method in case the requirement of writing,summarizes degree,the main points of the case to write in the cells of the diversity and unity ",the elements and compounds in the cells,the fluid Mosaic model of biological membrane,the enzymes and the nature and the principle and application of photosynthesis for academic case design and curriculum design,teaching content and teaching experiments in the experimental classes and that in comparative classes respectively.(4)The results show that the students in the experimental class consider questions comprehensively and answer questions better than those in the control class,especially the students in the "induction and generalization" questions.(5)To understand the students on the experimental study and learning attitude,I self-made questionnaire survey questionnaire,using the software to the results of the survey into charts and analysis,the results show that the experimental classes of students learning than before,and the learning objective is clear,clearer knowledge framework,increase classroom participation,learning enthusiasm is higher,the learning effect is good,but compared with that in comparative classes,students think total degree of case teaching practice more instead,that increase their study burden.(6)Homemade scientific thinking accomplishment evaluation volume 2 as measured,tested in experimental classes and that in comparative classes,the volume measurement,assessment index proportion and volume measurement of the difference is less than 1,can effectively response the biology scientific thinking literacy level changes,the test result is: experimental classes scores higher than that in comparative classes,the number of outstanding have dramatically increased than before;The post-test scores of experimental class and control class were higher than those of pre-test,and the number of passing students increased.There was little difference in the scores of boys and girls in the two classes.At last,through and through the SPSS software to normal distribution test scores and independent sample t-test,the results show that the two classes of grade coefficient of skewness and kurtosis coefficients is less than 1,shows that the test results accord with normal distribution,using independent sample T test class two grade whether there was a significant difference,the result of P values < 0.022 0.05,suggesting that the two classes of biology "" scientific thinking literacy level exists significant differences.To sum up the experimental results,I come to the following conclusions:(1)Both education plan teaching and teaching plan teaching can improve students' thinkingability of biology science,especially improve students' ability of summarizing and summarizing.(2)Education plan teaching can improve students' scientific thinking quality more than teaching plan teaching.(3)There is no significant difference in the influence of education plan teaching and teaching plan teaching on the scientific thinking literacy level of male and female students.(4)Teaching with academic record plan is more effective than teaching with teaching plan to stimulate students' thinking enthusiasm,cultivate students' language expression ability,and further improve students' creative thinking.(5)Education plan teaching is more beneficial than teaching plan teaching to cultivate students' generalization ability and thinking profundity.(6)The teaching of diploma case provides more time for students to study independently,which is more conducive to cultivating students' consciousness of independent thinking and further cultivating students' uniqueness of thinking.
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