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Mining Of Comprehensive Quality Evaluation Of Wuxi Polytechnic Technology College Student Based On Decision Tree

Posted on:2020-10-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330596996785Subject:Computer technology
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Due to the explosive growth of data in all walks of life,staff urgently need to be able to extract effective information from these cumbersome data,speed up the progress and efficiency of daily work,and improve economic efficiency.Under such a demand,combined with high-speed development of computers and communication technologies,existing machine learning algorithms are utilized.The decision tree algorithm can classify,analyze and comprehensively infer according to the existing data,so as to guide the solution to the problems in the actual work and improve the work efficiency and accuracy of the staff.The increase in the number of students enrolled in the Wuxi Institute of Technology and Technology has made the management workload of comprehensive quality assessment and so on increasing and the difficulty is increasing.Under the condition that the traditional evaluation method cannot meet the needs of the college's new period of work,it is especially important to actively introduce advanced management technology.Applying the decision tree algorithm to the student's quality assessment system can improve the management effectiveness of students better and more effectively,teach students in accordance with their aptitude,and strengthen the cultivation of students' abilities and qualities.This paper takes decision tree technology as the research object and focuses on its application in the comprehensive evaluation system of students in Wuxi Vocational and Technical College.This paper applies the theory of decision tree to the comprehensive quality assessment system of Wuxi Institute of Technology and Technology,and conducts useful exploration and research.The main contents are as follows:(1)Index Analysis: In order to make an objective evaluation of the comprehensive quality evaluation of Wuxi Institute of Technology,this paper uses the analytic hierarchy process,through the weight calculation of various indicators in the evaluation system,and judges according to the weight value as the data mining library Wuxi Technology Vocational and Technical College.Comprehensive key attribute values in terms of quality information,thereby reducing the attributes of the data mining library,avoiding the excessively large decision tree caused by too many mining fields,and the resulting mining rules have no good evaluation effect,and then reduce data mining.The workload increases the prediction accuracy.(2)System Analysis: On the basis of in-depth description of the evaluation indicators and system function requirements,the evaluation system also completed the functions of student index data entry,data legality review,data query,data analysis and decision-making,and provided decision support management for the school's comprehensive quality assessment work.provide help.(3)Decision Tree algorithm: Through the use of decision tree and its improved algorithm,the comprehensive quality evaluation model of Wuxi Institute of Technology and Technology based on decision tree is constructed.The specific classification rules are generated through the decision tree obtained,and the rules are analyzed to obtain the influence of Wuxi Institute of Technology.The quality factor provides a strong basis for the improvement of the school's comprehensive quality assessment work,and correctly guides the school to strengthen the overall development of students' comprehensive quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Decision tree, data mining, Comprehensive quality analysis, Quality assessment research, C4.5 algorithm
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