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Development Of Pre-Writing Measuring Tool For 5-6-Year Old Young Children

Posted on:2020-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Q LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330599460757Subject:Pre-primary Education
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Pre-writing is an important written expressing behavior performed by young children who have not possessed the conventional handwriting skills.If young children could use graphics,symbols and characters flexibly to convey various information and emotions with pen and paper,that means the young children have certain written expressing desire and pre-writing expressing skills,and these skills will make great influence on the process of learning conventional writing skills in the future of young children.While for young children aging from 5 to 6 years old,these skills are more significant,because they are about to start learning conventional Chinese character writing after enrolled in primary schools,and if teachers could realize the pre-writing level of young children in advance,they will be able to develop more specific strategies to improve young children's conventional writing skills.However,nowadays domestic researches have paid little attention to the measurement of pre-writing level of 5-6 years old young children,and most of the existing researches tend to speculate from theoretical perspectives rather than carry out quantitative experiments to formulate tools which have the capability of measuring the real pre-writing level of 5-6 years old young children.Aimed at this problem,this research decides to take the pre-writing level of 5-6 years old young children as the object to establish a measuring tool that can truly measure the pre-writing level of young children,and the research result will make up for the shortage of existing domestic researches in this filed.The research firstly adopted literature reviewing method to collect and analyze existing relevant research results.Then combined with the experience and observation from field study and the advice and ideas from expertise,the researcher developed the preliminary“Pre-Writing Measuring Tool for 5-6 years old Young Children”and the“Pre-Writing Themes Sheet”.Secondly,by works analysis method the researcher marked the pre-writing works of 621 young children with the preliminary measuring tool,and then used the statistical analysis method to adjust and improve the content and structure of the tool,the process of which included item analysis,exploratory factor analysis,validity and reliability test,confirmatory factor analysis and so on.In the end,the formal“Pre-Writing Measuring Tool for 5-6 years old Young Children”has been established.This research has following results.Firstly,the formal“Pre-Writing Measuring Tool for 5-6 years old Young Children”has 3 level-1 dimensions,13 level-2 dimensions and 52 level-3 indexes.The results of statistical analysis indicate that the KMO value is 0,824,the significance of Bartlett sphericity test is 0.000<0.05,the coefficient?of the tool is 0.897,the?~2/df value is 2.173,the results of GFI and AGFI are 0.949 and0.925 respectively,the CFI value is 0.988,the RMSEA value is 0.049,the RMR value is 0.039.In conclusion,the data reported above have all reached the demand of statistics,that means the measuring tool is qualified to test the pre-writing level of 5-6young children.
Keywords/Search Tags:5-6 years old young children, pre-writing level, measuring tool
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