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Investigation On The Scientific Research Ability Of National Defense Education Teachers In The Ordinary Universities And Colleges

Posted on:2020-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330575958735Subject:National Defense Education
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Carrying out the scientific research is the firm cornerstone of imparting knowledge,cultivating talents and serving the society for university and college teachers.National defense education teachers are one part of university and college teachers.Therefore,as the principle undertakers of the university national defense education,national defense education teachers carry out the scientific research,which could advance their professional development and could initiate them into the teaching work,enhancing the talents training and serving the society.Finally,all these things could impel the development of national defense education.Through analyzing the interview and investigation,this study finds out that the scientific research ability of national defense education teachers is made of three parts:national defense education professional congnitive ability,which is devoid for national defense education teachers;national defense education scientific research ability,in which the abilities of gaining frontier information and literature reviewing are not big issue,and the abilities of finding out the professional research issues,applying for tasks and carrying out the scientific research are problematic;achievement of national defense education scientific research transformation ability,which is the most worrying part for national defense education teachers.At the same time,after analyzing the condition of national defense education teachers' scientific research ability,this study summarizes four factors that deeply influence the enhancing of scientific research ability of national defense education teachers:national defense education teachers5 condition,university and college relative factors,society environment,discipline construction.Then,the author takes out some typical cases,in order to dissect the condition and factors of national defense education teachers' scientific research ability.Finally,this study puts forward four countermeasures.Firstly,teachers shoulcd improve their scientific research ability consciously and purposefully.Secondly,universities and colleges could create an appropriate scientific research environment from some aspects.Thirdly,national defense education teachers strive for more attention form society.Last but not the least,strengthepning the subject construction and development of national defense education is crucial for improving national defense education teachers' scientific research ability in universities and colleges.
Keywords/Search Tags:National Defense Education Teachers of Universities and Colleges, Scientific Research Ability
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