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The Impact Of International Service Outsourcing On Employment In China

Posted on:2020-08-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330578983931Subject:International Trade
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As an important way of international trade,international service outsourcing(OS)has developed very rapidly and played an important role in promoting economic globalization and realizing international industrial transfer.International OS is not only conducive to optimizing a country's industrial structure,but also deepening its participation in global value chains.As a country with a large population,China's employment situation is related to economic development and social stability.Faced with such opportunities,how to combine its own advantages and use this opportunity to resolve China's employment dilemma is our current worthy study.In view of this,this paper chooses “The impact of international OS on employment in China” as the research theme,and aims to explore the internal relationship between the two,so as to further make meaningful suggestions.The first chapter of this paper summarizes the existing researches of scholars,analyzes the possible relationship between international OS and employment from the perspective of economics,and establishes the theoretical framework of this paper.The second chapter analyzes the current situation of China's OS and the current employment situation.The third chapter is the theoretical analysis of the impact of international OS on employment in China,and constructs the theoretical framework of this paper and analyzes the impact mechanism.The fourth chapter is the empirical analysis.Firstly,the econometric model is established according to the theoretical framework.The industry panel data of China's manufacturing industry from 2002 to 2017 is used to analyze the effect of international OS on employment.The empirical results show that there is a significant negative correlation between international OS and employment in China.At the same time,this paper analyzes the impact of international OS on employment in China from the perspective of industry level,labor structure level and contract type.At the industry level,international OS has an inhibitory effect on employment in different types of industries,but there are differences in the degree of impact.International OS will increase the labor demand elasticity of capital-intensive and technology-intensive industries,but the labor demand elasticity of labor-intensive industries will not be significant;At the labor structure level,There is a restraining effect for high-tech labor and low-skilled labor by international OS,but it significantly improves the employment elasticity of high-tech labor and reduces the employment elasticity of low-skilled labor.At the level of contracting,compared with high-end international OS,the low-end OS has a stronger inhibitory effect on China's employment.The development of international OS has many positive implications for China.Faced with the employment restraint effect brought by international OS and the adjustment role of employment structure,China should strengthen the innovation and upgrading of industry,optimize the talent structure,seize opportunities and challenges,and effectively solve the employment problem.
Keywords/Search Tags:International service outsourcing, Package country, Employment quantity, Labor demand elasticity
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