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Practice Research On Interactive Teaching Of Information Technology Classroom In Senior High School Based On Cloud Class Platform

Posted on:2019-04-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330590978525Subject:The modern education technology
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Classroom is the fertile soil for students 'life growth.All activities that take place in the classroom are aimed at promoting the healthy development of students.The form of classroom teaching and the measures in the teaching process deeply influence the process of this growth.The application of modern technology in the field of education is constantly impacting the inherent patterns of the classroom and promoting the interaction between teachers and students in teaching.This kind of educational reform changes the relationship between teachers and students,but also improves the effectiveness of classroom teaching.In particular,the "Internet + education" strategy has brought new changes and opportunities to classroom teaching.It has become a hot spot for scholars and experts,and it is also an important direction for frontline teachers to try to teach.For the high school information technology classroom,with a strong "Internet +" environment,there is a "Internet + classroom" growing soil.In this study,from the research of many scholars and frontline teachers,we understand and master a specific application of Internet technology in classroom teaching--the cloud class platform,and through the research of network resources and related literature,we summarized the connotation of cloud class class platform.Taking Lanmoyunban as an example,the interactive teaching of high school information technology classroom based on cloud class platform is studied.Starting from the original background,this paper puts forward the problems that need to be studied in the new curriculum concept,comprehensive literacy,Internet + education,new college entrance examination reform,and teaching problems in high school classroom,and expounds the purpose and significance of the research.On the basis of this,we determine the thought and method of the research and the structure of the paper.The author makes use of the literature investigation method to study the literature,summarizes the connotation of interactive teaching and cloud class platform,and expounds the theoretical basis of interactive teaching,so as to lay the theoretical foundation for this research.After understanding and summarizing the current situation of interactive teaching in information technology classroom and the current situation of cloud class platform in information technology discipline,the author analyzes the problems and shortcomings of the current high school interactive teaching in information technology classroom and cloud class platform teaching.Based on the practice of self-teaching,the author understands and analyzes the current situation of interactive teaching in information technology classroom in high school through the design of questionnaire and survey data,the design of teacher interview questions,and the arrangement of first-line teacher interviews.According to the characteristics of cloud class platform,this paper explains the feasibility of implementing teaching based on cloud class platform,and envisages the strategy of cloud class class platform teaching.In the teaching practice,according to the teaching strategy of cloud class platform,the author designs three specific teaching cases and describes the process of using cloud class platform to carry out high school information technology interactive teaching in the teaching process.In the concrete classroom to carry on the practice of the case,collate the data in the cloud class platform,analyze the situation of its implementation teaching,and through the data analysis of two questionnaires,further demonstrate the possibility of implementing the high school information technology interactive teaching based on the cloud class platform.Finally,this paper summarizes the results of interactive information technology teaching in high school based on the cloud class platform,puts forward the advantages of cloud class teaching model,summarizes the achievements of the author in practice research,and briefly introduces the areas where it needs to be improved.At the same time,we hope that the cloud class platform can produce more effective results in primary and secondary school education.
Keywords/Search Tags:high school information technology, cloud class platform, blue ink cloud class platform, teaching interaction
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