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A Study On The Current Status Of Career Adaptability Of Secondary Vocational School Students And Group Counseling Intervention

Posted on:2021-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330602986580Subject:Mental health education
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As a reserve for the skilled labor force,secondary vocational school students are in the "psychological weaning period of youth ",which has a weak ability to adapt to changing roles in their careers,and falls short of social needs.They shoulder the arduous tasks of employment and development,and urgently need to improve their career adaptability,increase their awareness of self-directed development,and build core competitiveness.It is of great significance to analyze the current status of career adaptability of secondary vocational school students and carry out targeted interventions.The study uses a cluster random sampling method to select 580 secondary vocational school students and conduct a career adaptability questionnaire survey.On the basis of knowing the current situation of secondary vocational students,according to the characteristics of secondary vocational students,this study designed series of group counseling plan for secondary vocational students' career adaptability.Then,through group test,77 secondary vocational students were selected.Six times of career adaptability group counseling were conducted for 37 students in the experimental group,and 40 students in the control group did not intervene.The study compared the results of the pretest,post-test,and tracking test,and got the difference in the students' level of career adaptability,and then evaluated the intervention effect of career group counseling and put forward intervention suggestions.The research conclusions are as follows:1.The career adaptability of secondary vocational students is generally on the medium-to-upper level;the development of six factors is uneven;the level of career interpersonal and career adjustment factors is high,and the level of career control and career curiosity factors is poor.2.There is no significant difference in the career adaptability of secondary vocational students in terms of parental education and parental occupation types,butthere are significant differences in the following aspects: the career adaptability of male secondary vocational students is significantly higher than that of female secondary vocational students;the level of career curiosity of only child is greatly higher than that of non-only child;the students of the fourth grade is the best in the level of career adaptability development of secondary vocational students;the level of career adaptability of secondary vocational students from urban areas is higher than that of students from rural areas;the secondary vocational students with the family income of 1000-3000 yuan,is relatively better than secondary vocational students at other levels of family income in the aspect of career adaptability performance;the secondary vocational students from democratic family have relatively better career adaptability than secondary vocational students in other parenting styles;with the increase of social practice activities,the career adaptability of secondary vocational students has improved significantly.3.Career group counseling intervention can lastingly and steadily improve the career adaptability of secondary vocational students.Combining research with the career group counseling intervention research process,six suggestions are put forward for implementation: correct choice of career intervention penetration;optimizing the form and content of group counseling;clever use of class group counseling synergy;targeted intervention measures;all-round improvement of the leader level;support cooperation.
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