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Research On The Aesthetic Meaning And Practical Path Of The Practice Of Ideological And Political Education In Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2021-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330611462321Subject:Marxist theory
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Human beings are both educational and educated,and educational practice is also one of the ways of human existence.Fundamentally speaking,Ideological and Political Education is also a kind of special practical education activity,the purpose of which is to cultivate ‘complete people'.It is one-sided to position Ideological and Political Education as a political activity of teaching political knowledge and cultivating moral sentiment.People's activities include not only seeking truth and goodness,but also aesthetic activities.Therefore,from the aesthetic point of view,the Ideological and Political Education,especially in colleges and universities,is put into practice.From the internal relationship between the practice of Ideological and Political Education and aesthetics,it further reveals that the practice is a dialectical practical activity of the unity of truth,goodness and beauty,and highlights the essence of ‘Aestheticization'.The aesthetic implication of the practice of Ideological and Political Education in colleges and universities is the beauty of the whole practice system of the education,which consists of the beauty of the subject,the object,the means and the environment of the practice.To explore the aesthetic meaning of the practice of Ideological and Political Education in colleges and universities is helpful to enrich the content,broaden the way,promote the and enhance the effectiveness of Ideological and Political Education.However,from the reality,through the questionnaire survey,we can know that in the specific Ideological and Political Education activities,the realization of aesthetic connotation of Ideological and Political Education practice in colleges and universities is not optimistic.In particular,it has encountered some practical dilemmas,such as the lack of beauty of practice subject,the violation of beauty of practice object,the lack of beauty of practice means and practice environment.This is mainly due to the problems existing in the realization of Ideological and Political Education practice aesthetics in colleges and universities,such as the lack of consciousness,the lack of ability to achieve and the poor management.Therefore,in order to explore the way to realize the practical aesthetic connotation of Ideological and Political Education in colleges and universities,we should adhere to the basic principles of the internal agreement of artistry and ideology,the co-advancement of regularity and reality,the interaction and integration of guidance and creativity.The realization of image beauty,language beauty,thought beauty and personality beauty should shape the practice subject beauty of Ideological and Political Education in colleges and universities.It is necessary to improve aesthetic rationality,ideal,taste and aesthetic ability to create practical object beauty.Besides,it is necessary to realize the beauty of practical means with the help of changing teaching methods,innovating education forms and paying attention to emotional factors,and with the help of the beauty of practical environment of family,school and society,so as to promote the Ideological and Political Education to further progress with the realization of practical beauty in colleges and universities,in the order to achieve greater results.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ideological and Political education in colleges and universities, Practice, Aesthetic implication, Realization path
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