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Research On The Impact Of Professional Sports League On Economic Development

Posted on:2021-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330611990269Subject:Humanities and sociology
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With the development of the social economy,the sports industry has gradually formed a mature road to promote economic development.As an important link in the development process of the sports industry,professional sports leagues have gradually deepened and extensive influence on the structure of the sports industry,while at the same time It also played an important role in promoting.In recent years,the marketization of China's sports industry has been continuously improved,the influence and competitiveness of professional sports leagues have developed rapidly,and people have paid more and more attention to professional sports leagues,so that professional sports leagues have driven the overall economy.development of.But how to guide the development of the sports industry,especially the professional sports leagues,by analyzing the development trend of the macro economy is still worthy of our further analysis.Therefore,this research starts with the theory of economic development,combines the theories of event brand and event consumption,and takes the relationship between professional sports leagues and economic development as the research object,and specifically takes the NBA leagues as the research object,and discusses the US GDP and NBA TV ratings.The relationship between the five factors of rate,NBA league income,NBA player salary,and NBA audience number reflects the economic development.Firstly,the literature method is used to analyze the NBA leagues,and secondly,the related research on professional sports leagues,sports industry and economic development is sorted out.At the same time,a systematic analysis method is used to systematically analyze the relationship between NBA leagues and economic development,aiming to clarify the dynamic law of the relationship between NBA leagues and economic development,so as to effectively predict the trend of NBA leagues affecting economic development To provide theoretical guidance for China's professional sports leagues to promote economic development.Based on this,this research constructs the relationship model of NBA leagues' influence on economic development,so as to discuss and analyze the influence factors and levels of NBA leagues on the whole economic development,and empirically discuss the relationship between NBA leagues and economic development.Finally,combined with the quantitative analysis method,the structural equation model is used to quantitatively analyze the relationship between NBA leagues and economic With the development of the social economy,the sports industry has gradually development,and SPSS and AMOS software are used to perform statistical analysis on the recovered effective data,aiming to comprehensively analyze the impact of NBA leagues on economic development Relationship,to explore the relationship between the path of the NBA league and economic development,and derive its internal relevance.The results show that the impact of NBA leagues on economic development lies in: the improvement of the league's TV ratings,league income,player salaries and audience numbers and the construction of the economy have a significant impact on the economic development of GDP.The positive influence is the result of the joint influence of these five factors.The order of path development is the number of viewers,TV ratings,league income,player salaries.These data have improved the professional sports league economic industry chain at the source,and deeply explored the influence and value of the successful operation of the league in political,economic and cultural aspects,which will actively guide the consumer behavior of professional sports league consumers and promote professional sports leagues.The industrial consumption structure is further optimized and upgraded to maximize the release of the league's economic vitality to provide theoretical and practical value.Based on the above research,the following conclusions are drawn:(1)The NBA league obtains huge economic returns through mature market operation.(2)The sequence shown by the grey correlation analysis shows: NBA player salary(Y3)impact> NBA league revenue(Y2)impact> NBA TV ratings(Y1)impact> NBA audience number(Y4)impact.(3)The relationship model of the NBA league's impact on economic development and the overall impact relationship path have a positive correlation effect,that is,the NBA league has a positive impact on economic development,the level of NBA TV ratings,the amount of NBA league income,the NBA The salary of players and the number of NBA spectators have a positive correlation with the level of economic development in the United States.
Keywords/Search Tags:National Basketball Association, Professional Sports League, Economic development, Grey system theory
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