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Researchch On The Career Identity Of Preschool Teachers Of Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2021-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D D LiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330611990572Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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The pre-primary education teachers' students in higher vocational schools are not only important reserve talents for the kindergarten teachers,but also in the critical period of career identity development and career preparation stage.O n the one hand,the level of professional recognition of their kindergarten teachers will directly affect their learning enthusiasm and learning input;on the other hand,it will also affect the development of their professional qualities and thus their career planning.Due to the imperfect market access mechanism and the difference in the educational level of preschool teachers,the existing level of preschool teachers varies greatly.The low quality of early childhood teachers,low educational level,and low professional identity are the key factors in the frequent occurrence of "child abuse" cases,so it is necessary to improve the professional level,quality level and professional identity of young children in time,so as to prevent the recurrence of such tragedies.Studies have shown that the key period for cultivating teachers 'professional identity lies in pre-employment,but throughout the existing research,it mainly focuses on the pre-employment research of preschool teachers.Students,vocational high school students,undergraduate students and graduate students,specializing in the study of preschool education teacher students in vocational education,lack of professional identity.This article divides the professional identity of preschool teachers of preschool education teachers into four dimensions: professional cognition,professional emotion,professional will and professional behavior.A questionnaire survey was conducted on 432 vocational pre-school education normal school students,and the status and some influencing factors of their preschool teachers' professional identity were obtained.Using descriptive statistics and difference analysis methods,the study found that:(1)the professional recognition level of early childhood teachers of pre-primary education teachers in high vocational education is in the upper middle class;(2)the employment situation,their own interests and professional atmosphere are important factors that affect professional identity Low salary,high work pressure and unsuitability are important reasons for job transfer;(3)There are significant differences in application reasons,grade differences,only child differences,and differences in high school graduation institutions among the preschool education teachers 'preschool teachers' professional identity,The difference between student cadres and academic differences,specifically,the professional identity of the kindergarten teachers who are reported because of their interests and hobbies is significantly higher than that of the normal school students who are transferred to the school.Cadres and preschool teachers have higher professional recognition.(4)Whether gender,household registration,parental education level and occupation are teacher variables,there is no significant difference in the occupational identification of preschool teachers of pre-school education teachers.Based on the above findings,it is proposed that students should understand the professional background and clearly choose their motivations;clarify the ir own characteristics and plan employment goals;connect theory with practice and lay a professional foundation.At the level of higher vocational colleges,we should adhere to student-oriented and lead student development;pay attention to teacher training and enhance professional recognition;innovate curriculum content and change learning methods.Government departments should increase the salary of kindergarten teachers and promote professional recognition;increase the educational establishment and broaden the promotion channels;improve the coordination of education legislation and strengthen system supervision to jointly promote the professional recognition of preschool teachers of pre-school education.
Keywords/Search Tags:higher vocational education, preschool education, normal school students, professional identity, strategy
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