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Research On The Optimization Of Compensation Management Of XC Human Resource Company Outsourcing Business Employees

Posted on:2021-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330614453964Subject:Business management
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In recent years,with the reform of employment system and social insurance,The market level of human resource service industry is further improved,outsourcing businesses with diverse organizational forms and low costs have been sought after by enterprises.The outsourcing business of XC company has developed rapidly and become the new profit growth point.Outsourcing business staff have pluralistic and different positions,but compensation management has followed the traditional mode of labor dispatch,resulting in an increase in the rate of employee turnover in recent years.Optimizing the compensation management of outsourcing business staff is a meaningful subject for XC company.The paper chooses XC Human Resources Company outsourcing staff as the research object and to study outsourcing staff compensation management optimization.Firstly,the paper combs the classic literature and relevant theories of compensation management,defines the concepts of outsourcing,compensation and compensation management,and introduces the industry competition,management strategy and characteristics of the outsourcing business of the case company.Secondly,this paper analyzes the present situation,problems and reasons of the compensation management of the company's outsourcing business,then proposes the corresponding optimization principles,ideas and paths,and finally puts forward the concept,organization and management measures;Based on case analysis and comparative analysis,this paper analyzes and identifies the competitiveness factors of compensation management of outsourcing employees by using questionnaire and interview,on the basis of BSC,KPI and MBO,this paper constructs a competitive salary management system based on post salary and performance salary,it designs the salary structure of market salary level,diversified salary structure,differential basic salary,incentive performance salary and flexible welfare salary,and takes Delphi method to optimize salary structure,refine salary index and reconstruct management process.At the end,the paper also reevaluates the optimized salary management,and finds that the optimized salary management is more reasonable and more suitable for the case company than the original salary management mode.This paper optimizes the new salary management of XC Human Resources Company,trying to make a close connection between the employee's personal development and the enterprise's strategic goal,which has certain significance forstandardizing the operation management of the case company.With the increasing proportion of outsourcing business,more and more attention should be paid to the regional differences,industry differences and post differences,and to the dialectical nature of material and non-material incentives.
Keywords/Search Tags:Outsourcing business, compensation, compensation management, optimization and reconstruction
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