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Study On The Effect Of Labor Mobility On Regional Economic Growth

Posted on:2021-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330623477774Subject:Western economics
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The economic development of a region is inseparable from the input of production factors such as labor,capital,and technology.As an important factor of production,the labor force plays a vital role in the economic development of a region.This article analyzes the current situation of labor mobility by summarizing relevant domestic and foreign literature and related theories.The labor force in our country shows the phenomenon of the central and western regions flowing to the eastern regions.For a long time since the reform and opening up,economic activities have mainly concentrated on the eastern coast,and China 's interregional population flow has become the norm.In terms of regional economic growth,the theory of regional economic growth is introduced and the current status of regional economic growth in China is analyzed.In the study of the impact of labor mobility on regional economic growth,an empirical analysis is made using econometric models to draw relevant conclusions.The overall movement of labor across regions has a certain role in promoting economic growth.From the perspective of the allocation of resources between regions,China 's population flow from the central and western regions to the eastern region is conducive to the comparative advantage of capital-intensive industries over labor-intensive industries.This has a certain positive impact on the coordinated development of the industry in the region,and thus drives economic growth.The eastern region,as the main labor inflow region,has acquired a large number of population,capital,and technology,which has promoted the economic development of the eastern region.As the main outflow of labor force,the loss of labor force,especially young high-quality labor force,has affected the local economic development to a certain extent.In the process of labor movement across regions,it will inevitably cause certain negative effects on the central and western regions.At present,in order to coordinate economic development between regions,China has formulated various regional coordinated development policies.The policies for the development of the western region and the rise of the central region have also begun to show certain effects.In recent years,China 's labor force has returned from the eastern coastal areas to the central and western regions.However,this phenomenon cannot fundamentally change the situation of brain drain in the central and western regions.For the central and western regions to achieve long-term development,more labor input is needed.Therefore,it is very important to formulate reasonable policies to guide the rational flow of labor between regions.All regions should also strengthen their talent introduction policies,improve public infrastructure,and promote a rational and orderly flow of labor.
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