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Kinematics Study And Trajectory Planning Of 6DOF Modular Manipulator

Posted on:2019-12-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330545991506Subject:Mechanical engineering
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The modular manipulator has the following characteristics:the electrical structure is used to connect the modules.By changing the middle rod,different degrees of freedom,different dimensions,different working space and different functions can be formed.A complete modular manipulator consists of many independent modules,and the sizes between modules and modules can be different.Compared with the traditional manipulator,the modular design arm has obvious advantages in cost,maintenance,application scope and so on.It can greatly meet the needs of people on all sides.The research of modular manipulator has been paid more and more attention by experts of various countries.The research of this paper comes from the key project of natural science research in Colleges and universities in Anhui Province,numbering:KJ2016A200.Based on the research object of the modular manipulator of service robot studied in this project,this paper studies the kinematics of the manipulator mounted on the service robot,including the positive kinematics,inverse kinematics,Jacobian matrix calculation,working space visualization and trajectory planning and Simulation of the modular manipulator.In the following aspects,the main contents are as follows:(1)Construction of robot system.This paper introduces the modular manipulator studied in this paper,including the structure of the mechanical arm,the size parameters of each module,the physical performance and the overall architecture of each module,and the model established with SolidWorks.(2)The kinematics model of the manipulator is established and analyzed.The forward kinematics model of the manipulator is established by the standard DH method,and the inverse kinematics of the manipulator is solved by combining the geometric method and the separation variable method for the inverse kinematics.Then,the correctness of the model is verified by using the mathematical software MATLAB.(3)Flexibility index analysis and workspace solution of manipulator.Using the method of solving ellipsoid intersecting volume in the TOMM index,this paper makes a visual representation of the advantages and disadvantages of the flexibility on the geometric level,and uses Monte Carlo method to solve and calculate the workspace,and makes the analysis and drawing of the data on the movement point cloud.(4)The analysis of the singularity of the manipulator.In this part,the singularity of the manipulator is studied.First,the kinematics and the Jacobian matrix are solved mathematically.After a series of analysis,the singularity of the manipulator will occur in these three cases.After that,the reasoning is verified with MATLAB.Finally,the accuracy of the solution is proved.(5)Trajectory planning of the manipulator.In this paper,for the trajectory planning of the modular six degree of freedom manipulator,in order to smooth the trajectory of the manipulator in the motion process,the trajectory planning is carried out by three and five interpolation methods in the joint space,and the simulation verification is completed on the simulation platform based on the MATLAB.Then the straight line and the arc are completed.The trajectory planning is introduced in detail.This paper mainly focuses on the related research on the special configuration of the modular manipulator,which has a certain reference significance for the trajectory optimization,dynamics and related control of the following robot.
Keywords/Search Tags:forward kinematics, inverse kinematics, trajectory planning, Jacobian matrix, workspace,singularity, flexibility
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