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Design And Analysis Of Multi-proxy Signature

Posted on:2019-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330578972922Subject:Applied Mathematics
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With the development of science and technology,information security has become the indispensable part of network security,which is a closely related part of our lives.With the development of information security,digital signature emerged.To the protection of information security,digital signature is a guarantee.In the process of transmitting information,we ensure the mutual trust between the two sides of the communication,who ensure that the content of the communication is secure and true digital signature.It has the functions of guaranteeing the integrity,confidentiality and anti-counterfeiting of the information,which makes the digital signature technology have an important role and a special positionin in business,military and other aspects.Proxy signature scheme is not only a part of digital signature,but also a digital representation of signature.Multi-proxy signature scheme expands the application field of proxy signature,and the actual case is the digital embodiment of proxy signature for entrusting multi-person or entrusting signer to others.It is the product of the fusion of relevant cryptography and mathematical knowledge,and the result of the close connection between research theory and practical activities.Based on previous signature schemes and real life activities,the paper proposes a new multi-proxy signature scheme.The main contents of this paper are as follows:(1)The formal definition of multi-proxy partial blind signature briefly introduces the process of multi-proxy signature,which proposes a multi-proxy partial blind signature scheme based on previous proxy signature schemes.(2)Combined with the actual situation,the former proxy signature scheme is improved,we propose a new concept of multi-proxy signature scheme.Based on the difficulty of discrete logarithm and bilinear pair the signature pattern is many agents sign information at the same time,and they cooperate with each other.If one of them can not complete the signature by the attacker,this kind of proxy signature often occurs in life,such as contract signing and so on.(3)Using the advantages of short key of elliptic curve,small storage space and perfect combination of proxy signature,multi-proxy blind signature scheme based on elliptic curve is proposed,which makes the scheme can not be created and blind,so the scheme is more secure.At the same time,the program is also applied to electronic payment and other practical areas.
Keywords/Search Tags:Information security, Digital signature, Blind signature, Proxy signature, Hash function, Bilinear pairings, Elliptic curve, Discrete logarithm
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