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The Analysis Of The Effect On Financial And Tax Preferential Polical To The Agricultural Listed Companies' Ability Of Sustainable Development

Posted on:2018-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330542485171Subject:Rural finance
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Since reform and opening up,the central government has been to consolidate the basis of the status of agriculture in the important position.From 1982-1986,the first five consecutive years of the Central Document No.1 start,the central every year increased support to the agriculture issues,which guaranteed that effective supply of agricultural products,increasing farmers' income,rural development has become the country's top priority.Since 2004,the first of the new century on the No.1 Document of Central introduced about the "agriculture issues" it has been 14 years in a row.Countries continue to increase support for agriculture and establish a series of favorable policies.Although the agricultural listed companies are outstanding in agricultural enterprises,their performance is worrying?whether this series of support policies have fundamentally promoted the sustainable development of the enterprise,it is worth our discussion.This study first embarks from the theory,this paper expounds the weak agriculture itself quality,economic externalities.Through the description of the connotation of the sustainable development theory,put the sustainable development ability divide into short-term profitability and long-term development ability.On the basis of comprehensively analyzing the operation mechanism of the main preferential agricultural policies in our country at this stage,This study selects the ROE to measure the profitability of enterprises,choose the SGR to measure the development ability of enterprises.Using the unbalanced panel model of agricultural listed companies from 2009 to 2015.a total of seven years of sample data for research.Research shows that:Overall,preferential income tax can significantly improve the ability of the sustainable development of agricultural listed companies in the current;Value-added tax is favorable to the enterprise the sustainable development of the current ability of positive influence was not significant;Government subsidies for current profitability effect is not obvious,but you can to improve their ability of development.In addition.the income tax and value-added tax breaks and subsidies to the lag issue of sustainable development ability effects were not significant.The classification results show that the private enterprise for its sustainable development ability is greater than the influence of the state-owned enterprises;Ownership concentration should not be too high or too low,relative holdings could significantly promote the sustainable development ability;Too big is not a good thing,there should be a moderate scale for enterprises;Favorable policies on the influence of the traditional agricultural sustainable development ability effect is better than the traditional agriculture.And then put forward the government should intensify the agricultural enterprise income tax,value-added tax preferential.The government should continue to provide government subsidies of agricultural listed companies,but at the same time should strengthen the regulation of subsidy usage.In addition,the agricultural listed companies also should reduce the asset-liability ratio,improve the quality of employees.
Keywords/Search Tags:tax preference, The governmental subsidy, Agricultural listed companies, sustainable capacity
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