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Research On Channel Coordination And Optimization Of G Company Under Supply Chain Environment

Posted on:2019-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330545965555Subject:Engineering Management
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In recent years,with the further deepening of economic globalization,manufacturing enterprises are facing more intense market competition.At the same time,the technological progress and the increasing diversification of customer demand have accelerated the speed of product renewal,which requires enterprises to shorten the supply period of products and improve the quality of service so as to quickly and effectively meet the needs of customers.Channel advantages have become the focus of competition among enterprises,especially when products are becoming increasingly convergent,and the influence of brand,technology,price and other factors is becoming more and more limited.In the current supply chain environment,market competition changes from competition among enterprises to competition between supply chains.The traditional channel management model is difficult to apply to the new market environment.Enterprises need to establish supply chain channel coordination mechanism to improve the overall competitiveness of supply chain.From the perspective of supply chain,this paper studies the channel coordination and optimization of G companies belonging to manufacturing enterprises.Firstly,on the basis of the analysis of the current situation and existing problems of channel management in G company,it summarized the internal and external reasons by using fish bone chart,and furtherly classified into three aspects:the traditional chain structure,the traditional channel relationship and the lack of guarantee mechanism.Then,combined with the supply chain related theories and research results,the G company's channel optimization scheme is designed from three aspects:through the construction of channel inventory hub model to integrate and optimize the supply chain channel network,through the construction of information sharing system,implementation of channel incentives and mutual trust to improve the cooperation relationship of channel members,and through the establishment of demand forecasting management mechanism,the dealers' selection evaluation system and establishment of constraint mechanism to further ensure the supply chain coordination and optimization.Finally,the implementation effect verification is carried out,and it is found that the G company can effectively reduce the channel stock,improve the market response speed and strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprise through the implementation of the scheme.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain, channel coordination, channel inventory hub, information sharing
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