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Research On Internal Control Of Financial Management In Ping An Insurance Company Inner Mongolia Branch

Posted on:2019-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As one of the three pillars of the financial market,the insurance industry not only has the function of the financing of the other two types of financial institutions(banks and securities),but also has the guarantee function,which is the key factor for the insurance industry is the backbone to the construction of a harmonious society.In 2014,the State Council renewed the "ten countries",and pointed out that the insurance industry should be built into a modern insurance industry,and have international competitiveness,giving full play to its role in the economic "booster" and social "stabilizers" under the conditions of the market economy,which also heralded a new round of reform.However,the extensive development of the insurance industry has led to the industry chaos of excessive pursuit of insurance income,and the internal control mechanism is stretched.In particular,the lack of internal control system of working capital puts the insurance company in an "uninsured" area.At present,most insurance companies have built up the internal control system of capital management in accordance with their own characteristics,and strengthen their own risk management ability in order to develop steadily.Taking the Inner Mongolia branch of Ping An Life Insurance as the research object,this paper uses the methods of literature research,investigation and research,case analysis and so on.Through expounding the operating conditions of the operating fund management system under the current system of the company,the problems arising from the internal control of the operating capital management are deeply discussed,and dissect the cause of the problems by five elements angle.Based on the analysis of the causes of the problem,we draw the conclusion of improving the internal control of the working capital of Inner Mongolia branch of Ping An Life Insurance.This article holds that in the competition of the insurance industry,building a perfect internal control of the operating capital of the insurance company to ensure the safety and stability of the fund is the key to the success of the insurance company,and is the most important part of the enterprise's rapid development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Operational capital management, Internal control, Capital risk
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