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Research On The Culture Of State-owned Enterprises In Contemporary China

Posted on:2019-09-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330566476392Subject:Marxist theory
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During the forty years of reform and opening up,the state-owned enterprises,as the backbone,backbone and main body of our national economic development,dominate the lifeline of the national economic development,and play an irreplaceable role.With the rapid development of knowledge economy and economic globalization,the competition between enterprises and enterprises is increasingly manifested as the competition of enterprise culture,the status of enterprise culture is constantly promoted,and the role of enterprise culture is increasingly prominent for the survival and development of enterprises.A pivotal and irreplaceable role.Since the eighteen Party of the party,the Central Party Central Committee,with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,has reached an unprecedented level of attention to culture,and the culture of state-owned enterprises has also been put on the agenda of the new era.As an important part of the advanced culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics,the culture of state-owned enterprises is an important part of the national cultural strength and national image.The cultural construction of state-owned enterprises is closely related to the construction of the advanced culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics.It is not only related to the development and rise and fall of a country and a nation,but also the development and decline of a nation and a nation.It is the inherent requirement and inevitable choice to realize the development and growth of our state-owned enterprises,enhance our cultural soft power,realize cultural prosperity and revitalize our nation.In today's economic globalization,China's cultural construction can not be lax and idle,and the construction of the culture of state-owned enterprises is faced with many unprecedented challenges: both the impact of western corporate culture and the spread of capitalist culture,and how to inherit and develop the Chinese traditional culture and the excellent corporate culture at home and abroad.New,there is also how to shorten the gap between state owned enterprises and international enterprises.In this case,we apply the related principles and advanced cultural ideas of the Sinicization of Marx's doctrine,and treat the advanced foreign enterprise culture concept and the excellent moral thought in the traditional Chinese culture in dialectical analysis,and analyze the problems that exist in the process of the development of Chinese enterprise culture,think and improve it constantly.The insufficiency of Chinese enterprise culture construction enriches the connotation of state-owned enterprise culture,andconstantly enhances the cultural innovation consciousness,manifests the contemporary value of state-owned enterprise culture.The paper is divided into five parts.The introduction part mainly accounts for the purpose and significance of thesis writing,the overview of the status of literature research at home and abroad,the main contents,research ideas,research methods and innovations that can be used for reference.The first chapter is a summary of the basic theories of contemporary China's SOE culture.This paper mainly expounds the basic concepts of culture,enterprise culture and state-owned enterprises,expounds the theoretical basis for the formation and development of the culture of Chinese state-owned enterprises,and summarizes and analyzes the basic functions and core connotations of the culture of state-owned enterprises.The second chapter is the application of contemporary Chinese state-owned enterprise culture to our traditional culture.The essence of Chinese traditional culture is introduced and combed,the contemporary value of China's excellent traditional culture is affirmed,and the Chinese traditional culture is combined with the state owned enterprise culture to establish a new era of state-owned enterprise culture with Chinese characteristics.The third chapter is the comparison between contemporary Chinese state-owned enterprise culture and Japanese and Korean corporate culture.Through the analysis of the corporate culture characteristics of Japan and South Korea,combined with the course of the development of Chinese state-owned enterprise culture construction,through continuous exploration and research and lessons learned,summarize the common points and differences of Chinese state-owned enterprise culture and Japanese and Korean enterprise culture.The fourth chapter is about the limitations and development measures of contemporary Chinese state-owned enterprises' cultural development.This paper analyzes the problems existing in the development of the culture of Chinese characteristic state-owned enterprises and thinks about the existing problems,and puts forward the path selection and development direction of the future of the culture of state-owned enterprises in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:contemporary state-owned enterprises, corporate culture, Chinese traditional culture, corporate culture construction
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