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Research On The Influence Of YNDL Innovation Strategy Selection On Technological Innovation Ability

Posted on:2019-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330572465016Subject:Business administration
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In the economic environment of people's increasing material and cultural needs,science and technology have become the endogenous driving force of the economic development of enterprises,and the technological innovation,which contributes more and more,has become the driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises.Through the course of enterprise development,it can be seen that the product development and the whole life cycle are getting shorter and shorter,and the market competition is becoming more and more intense.In order to keep its leading advantage in the competition,enterprises must continuously improve their technological innovation ability.To ensure the long-term development of enterprises.The strength of technological innovation ability is the key for enterprises to develop and maintain competitive advantage.So how to make use of the enterprise's own and external resources,choose the technology innovation strategy suitable for its development,improve its technological innovation ability and market competition ability,is already a difficult problem that the enterprise faces.To fully realize the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise,the technological innovation ability of the enterprise must be constantly improved.Therefore,the definition of technological innovation ability,the identification of factors affecting the improvement of enterprise technological innovation ability and the proposal of solutions are of vital importance for enterprises to formulate technological innovation strategies and improve their technological innovation ability.This paper summarizes the research results put forward by predecessors through literature research and induction.On the basis of this research,it gives a clear definition of enterprise technology innovation strategy and technology innovation capability,and proposes a hypothesis model of the impact of innovation strategy selection on the improvement of technology innovation capability.Based on YNDL company as the research sample,this paper studies the enterprise development in each stage of innovation strategy formulation and implementation,the externalenvironment,internal resources and the status quo of the innovation ability,the influence on the enterprise technology innovation ability(namely technological innovation output,a landmark event,level,etc.)in the business review,review,analyze and summarize and explore the enterprise technology innovation strategy choice of enterprise technology innovation ability and the change of enterprise performance,test paper hypothesis model.The results show that the strategic decision of technological innovation has a significant positive effect on the improvement of technological innovation ability,which continues to accumulate with the choice of innovation strategy.The result of the improvement of technological innovation ability of the enterprise is reflected in the improvement of the overall performance of the enterprise.Through research suggests that enterprises in the process of development,in different technical ability level and innovation performance dilemma situation,should be clearly see the face of threats,opportunities,and the advantages and disadvantages of its own,formulate appropriate innovation strategy,the development of the enterprise through intensify cooperation development,active learning,on the basis of digesting and absorbing new knowledge and innovation,strengthen enterprise management system,enterprise culture,the respect such as technology center platform to build and perfect,to gradually improve the technological innovation ability of enterprises,improve enterprise market competition ability,ensure enterprise healthy and sustainable development.
Keywords/Search Tags:technological innovation ability, technological innovation strategy, innovation performance
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