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Research On Internal Control Of FDC Real Estate Enterprise Based On Value Creation

Posted on:2019-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2429330596959009Subject:Business Administration
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Internal control is an important method for enterprises to conduct scientific management.In the past ten years,the real estate market has developed into a pillar industry for China's economic development,which is related to the success or failure of China's economic development.Internal control is crucial to the survival and development of real estate enterprises.However,most of the real estate enterprises nowadays ignore the internal control construction,internal control is not perfect,there are financial information fraud,unreasonable cost increase and so on.In addition,internal control implementation is not in place.The management of the company has misunderstandings about the internal control,which increases the business risks of the company.Since 2014,China's real estate industry has entered the era of silver,policy regulation and control,marginal utility diminish,industry competition is increasingly fierce.Only by improving the level of internal control management can real estate enterprises gain an advantage in market competition.This paper chooses FDC real estate company as the research object.FDC real estate company as a new real estate,its internal control management activities have certain representativeness in the real estate industry.Firstly,the thesis sorts out the main theories of internal control and value creation and the relationship between them.Then,it analyzes the current situation of FDC real estate company's internal control from the perspective of general internal control five elements,and finds out the problems in its internal control environment;Influencing FDC real estate company based on the factors of internal control of value creation;finally,combined with FDC real estate company's internal control status,value chain,especially the influencing factors of job creation value,from the perspective of value creation oriented internal control seven elements Optimized the internal control system of FDC Real Estate Company.The characteristic of this paper is: researching the internal control problem of real estate enterprises under the leading idea of value creation,and adopting the seven-factor analysis method of internal control based on value creation orientation in optimizing the internal control system of FDC real estate company,namely from the control environment and target,the development and budgeting,risk identification and response,control procedures and methods,information and communication,performance evaluation and incentives,and monitoring are optimized for the internal control of FDC real estate companies.It introduces the introduction of strategic partners to participate in corporate governance,improve the control environment;optimize the value chain,strengthen employee training;target formulation and decomposition,and establish a budget management system;establish a risk assessment internal control system,manage risks;and strengthen the control of value-added links in the value chain;Establish an effective communication platform and scientific performance evaluation and incentive mechanism,combined with the company's control objectives;management of the whole process of supervision,timely feedback and rectification implementation.I hope to play a decisionsupporting role in the improvement of the internal control mechanism of real estate companies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internal control, value creation, value chain, performance evaluation
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