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The Application Of Yangjiabu Woodblock New Year Pictures In Contemporary Oil Painting Creation

Posted on:2019-07-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Among the numerous folk art,Chinese traditional wood-plate New year painting is a kindof Chinese traditional folk art,and it is a unique folk-art culture in our country.Yangjiabu woodcut New year painting is one of the three major producing areas of New year's paintings.With a rich folk-art culture and unique artistic style.Through the study of the characteristics of traditional folk wood-style New year paintings such as lines,colors,modeling and other elements,we can provide more artistic language elements for contemporary oil painting creation.It is of great significance for contemporary oil painters to absorb and explore the connotation of Chinese traditional folk art and apply it to their own creation and practice.It is a feasible way to seek the innovation and nationalization of Chinese contemporary oil painting.This is of great practical significance to the inheritance and protection of Yangjiabu woodcut New year paintings and the promotion of the nationalization of oil paintings.The contemporary oil painter Gu Liming has studied the art and culture of China and the West for nearly 30 years and has also made great achievements.His series of works have been recognized by the oil painting circles,especially in the field of oil painting."Woodblock annual painting" Series of works,this article through the analysis of its internal artistic concept and external artistic language,explore the application of Yangjiabu woodcut New year painting in contemporary oil painting creation,provide the possibility for the localization development of contemporary oil painting.To inject new vitality into the creation of contemporary oil painting artists.This paper is divided into four chapters to study the impact of Yangjiabu woodcut New year painting on contemporary oil painting: Chapter 1.This paper analyzes the inevitability of the influence of Yangjiabu New year painting on contemporary oil painting,and analyzes the inevitable relationship between the artistic characteristics of Yangjiabu woodcut and the development of contemporary oil painting.Chapter 2This paper probes into the influence of the theme and concept of Yangjiabu woodcut New year painting on Gu Liming's oil painting creation and analyzes the influence of Yangjiabu woodcut New year painting on Gu Liming artistic creation from the perspective of theme,folklore consciousness and spiritual connotation.Chapter3 This paper deeply studies the application of language style of Yangjiabu wood-plate New year painting in Gu Liming's oil painting,mainly discusses its reference to Yangjiabu woodcut New year painting with the lines,colors,modeling and composition of Gu Liming's works.Chapter4 Analysis of Yangjiabu wooden New year paintings in the context of contemporary oil painting art context,this paper summarizes the influence of Yangjiabu New year painting on contemporary oil painting from two aspects: the reference of contemporary oil painters to the New year paintings of Yangjiabu and the inspiration of Yangjiabu New year paintings to the development of contemporary oil paintings.And contemporary oil painting for wood New year painting reference and integration prospects.
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