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An Investigation Of The Status Quo Of English Classroom Evaluation In Middle Grades Of Primary Schools

Posted on:2020-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Classroom assessment is an important part of classroom teaching and plays an important role.It can not only guide the direction of teaching,but also diagnose teaching problems,timely feedback the quality of classroom teaching,and regulate the progress of teaching.Reasonable application of classroom teaching assessment can not only reflect the professional quality of teachers,but also help to build a harmonious relationship between teachers and students,and improve the quality of classroom teaching and teaching efficiency.However,due to various factors in reality,there are still some problems in classroom assessment in actual English classroom teaching,and there are also some difficulties in its implementation.It is difficult to match the objectives of education at the present stage,which is not conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of English classroom teaching and can not meet the requirements of modern education.It also needs to be explored and studied in practice.Based on the practice of English classroom assessment,the present situation of English classroom assessment in a primary school is analyzed by means of investigation and interview based on literature research.The information collected through the survey results shows that in the actual English classroom assessment,the teacher's understanding of classroom assessment is not comprehensive and accurate enough.In the process of practice,the evaluation subject is too single,the assessment method is too monotonous,and the assessment content is not rich enough.Classroom assessment does not reflect the characteristics of timeliness,continuity and development.on the basis of the analysis of a large number of lesson examples,especially by analyzing a lesson,it is clear how to use classroom teaching and assessment in classroom teaching.On the basis of determining teaching topics and teaching goals,we should design reasonable classroom assessment so that teaching,learning and assessment can be combined to reflect the hierarchy and logic of classroom assessment and improve the pertinence of classroom assessment standards.In order to enhance the effectiveness of primary school English teaching assessment,promote the healthy growth of primary school students,all-round development.
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