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The Display Application Of Augmented Reality Technology In Han Embroidery Culture

Posted on:2021-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y MeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2435330629489564Subject:Exhibition and visual art design
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As an emerging technology,although the concept of augmented reality has been proposed in the 1990 s,people have never stopped studying it,and the application field of augmented reality has been continuously explored and developed.In the past,people's understanding of the world must be based on specific space-time conditions or corresponding experience.The emergence of augmented reality technology enables people to superimpose virtual information created in the real environment and apply the images in their minds to the real life.Abstract concepts that used to be hard to understand will become easier to understand with augmented reality.Integrate augmented reality with display design,use new technology to diversify display design modes,and create diversified modes and experiential modes.Based on the technical characteristics of "virtual reality fusion" and "real-time interaction" of augmented reality technology,this paper analyzes the application status of augmented reality technology in display design and summarizes the display mode and features.With the theme of "embroidered characters" of han embroidery as the main research object,the design practice is carried out in combination with the theoretical basis and the display features and methods.To explore the application of augmented reality technology in display design,digital display forms can be used to display the han embroidery culture,so that visitors can experience interactive and technological display methods,which play an important role in the wide spread of han embroidery culture.The integration of modern science and technology and display design has become the development trend of display design.Therefore,the research results of this subject can be applied to the display and communication of various cultures,which is both practical and artistic.
Keywords/Search Tags:Augmented reality technology, Fusion of virtual and real, Real-time interaction, Han embroidery culture
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