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Research On The Issue Of Deliberative Democracy In Villager Autonomy

Posted on:2019-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330545988973Subject:Foreign political system
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The villagers' autonomy system as the democracy at the grassroots level system that self-management,self-education,self-service and self-supervision of rural grassroots people has become an important part of the socialist democratic political system with Chinese characteristics after more than three decades of practice and development and plays an important and positive role in improving the governance of rural areas in our country and promotes the development of democratic politics at the grass-roots level in rural areas.However,with the development of rural society and the change of social structure in rural areas,the contradictions of interest differentiation among villagers have become increasingly prominent.The problems existing in the mechanism of villagers' self-government have gradually emerged and the problems of governance in rural areas have gradually increased.Therefore,it is difficult to cope with the enormous challenges brought about by the new development of rural society.Consultative democracy with the characteristics of negotiability,openness,equality and procedure,as a kind of new form of democracy,can not only make up for the deficiencies of the system of villagers' autonomy to some extent,but also can effectively cope with the the problems brought by interest differentiation,so as to improve the current status of governance in rural grass-roots societies and make the rural grassroots democracy develop in a healthy and sustainable way.Therefore,the development of deliberative democracy in villagers' autonomy is of great significance to the stability and development of rural grass-roots society.As the country's emphasis on the development of grassroots consultative democracy continues to increase,deliberative democracy in villagers' autonomy has gradually received high attention and recognition,and has achieved certain development results in continuous practice and exploration.But at the same time,due to the influence of economic,cultural and institutional factors,the deliberative democracy in the villagers' autonomy still exists such as the poor participation of the villagers,the unsound consultation organization,the inconsistent negotiation procedures and the inflexible negotiation methods,which affect the quality and the level of the democratic development of the rural grass-roots level.Therefore,this paper starts from the factors that influence the development of deliberative democracy in the villagers' autonomy,and puts forward eight concrete measures from the four aspects of developing the rural economy,cultivating the villagers' consultation consciousness,optimizing the rural negotiation system,and reshaping the political culture of the village,including the implementation of various preferential agricultural policies,improvement of urban and rural dualistic structure,strengthening basic education in rural areas,popularizing democracy and rule of law education,establishing and improving consultative organizations,improving consultation procedures,improving evaluation and evaluation mechanisms,and introducing outstanding governance talents so as to provide the necessary political,economic and cultural conditions for the development and improvement of the democratic autonomy in the villagers' autonomy.This paper takes the problems of deliberative democracy in the villagers' self-governance as the main research objective,and uses literature research method,case study method,and systematic research method as main research methods.On the basis of combing and drawing lessons from the relevant research results of domestic and foreign scholars,I combine theory with concrete practical cases,summarizing the main practices and achievements achieved in some regions during the specific practice process,and summarizing the current consultations of the development of the villagers' self consultation democracy.While recognizing achievements,we must recognize the existing deficiencies.And in view of the existing problemsthe,we should start from the root causes and mechanisms of the problems and propose corresponding paths for improvement based on the actual conditions of rural development for trying to clear up obstacles for the development of deliberative democracy in villagers' autonomy.
Keywords/Search Tags:villagers' autonomy, consultative democracy, consultative democracy at the grass-roots level in rural areas, problems, development paths
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