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An Analysis Of Russia's Economic Diplomacy With The European Union During Putin's Time

Posted on:2019-12-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330548465577Subject:International politics
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Economic diplomacy is an important means for Russia to safeguard national interests.After Putin came to power,he formulated a new policy of economic diplomacy to adapt to the development of the times,combining the internal situation of Russia and the external environment.One of its preferred directions is to strengthen economic diplomacy with the EU.In this paper,from the two aspects of realistic economic international relations theory and practice,combined with the basic characteristics of complex diplomatic to emphatically analyze the Putin of Russia's foreign policy to the European Union economy trend and causes.Putin's economic diplomacy with the European Union,which highlights the principles of realism idea,paying attention to the basis of Russia's internal and external conditions and real needs,to develop a keep up with the development of The Times and national interests of economic diplomacy strategy.From the beginning to end,Russia take geopolitical and economic diplomacy for its geopolitical purposes,consolidating the strategic defensive means of the space,even at the use of many methods,including economic sanctions,to safeguard the interests of the state.With the enlargement of the EU and the crisis in Ukraine,Russia's economic diplomacy to the EU include both cooperation and struggle.
Keywords/Search Tags:economic diplomacy, geopolitics, energy cooperation
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