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Research On The Construction Of Social Security Prevention And Control System Based On Community Policing

Posted on:2019-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330566965334Subject:Public Management
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China is in an important period of strategic opportunities for social development now.It is also a prominent social contradictions,because the economic development mode conversion,deep reform and all-round opening is accelerating the transformation.Social management risk,difficulty and the security situation is increasing,the construction of social security prevention and control system is facing many new situations and new problems.Along with the social crime rate increasing,the public security organs in China have realized that rely solely on policing mode to combat criminal acts,is unable to meet the requirements of the current security situation.In order to control the social security situation fundamentally,we must start from the source of the crime prevention and control theory.The prevention of crime and the real control can maintain the social long period of stability.The community as the basic unit of society,is the basic space of people's life.from the point of view of social security and management,the community is the party and the government to the forefront is the basic resource of social security management.through the implementation of community policing strategy,cooperation by the police and people.In order to find the public security of community,reducing crime,stable community order and maintain the safe.In order to build a democratic rule of law,stability and order of the social security system,community policing is an effective way.this paper puts forward the basis of the comprehensive construction of community policing in social security prevention and control system,and learn from the advanced experience at home and abroad constantly.Three-dimensional,adaptability and stability are the basic principles.we start from the community reasonable planning,operation mechanism reform and police agency cooperation mechanism innovation.Community Policing Information means rich and social resources and other aspects.To improve and develop the existing security prevention and control system,we make full use of community cooperation as much as possible to reduce the damage of crime prevention.stable and orderly community for the society can make a solid foundation for maintenance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community policing, Hebei Province, Social security prevention and control system, Three dimensional principle, Police settlement
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