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Legal Research On The Cumulative Scoring System For Traffic Violations In My Country

Posted on:2020-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The scoring system of traffic violations has been of use for more than 20 years.It is a effective management system that warns and educates and guides drivers.It also prevents certain traffic offence from happening and reduces the total amount of traffic accidents,thus has been maintaining a good traffic order.However,the traffic scoring system fell behind the economic development of our society.This essay declares that the purpose of traffic scoring system should be educating and reminding drivers but its considered as punishment,not only by the drivers but also by traffic police.As a result,the efficiency of administration and the warning effect is diminished.This essay analysed the juristical nature and value of traffic scoring system by talking about its history and current situation.The analysis of the problems in system design and practical implement is divided into three parts:judical justice and strict law enforcement as well as law-biding society.Also,the legal reasons are analysed,in order to further discuss the legal basis and the rules that should be followed.And the traffic scoring system in China is compared to related foreign systems and thus learned some useful experience.To answer the questions proposed in this essay,and on the basis of following rules of Administrative Law,this essay proposed several strategies like issuing new laws and standardizing law enforcement by traffic police as well as constructing an road and traffic environment where drivers obey the law consciously are proposed.Hopefully,this essay can provide strong support by analysing the methods of achieving a perfect and sustainable traffic scoring system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Traffic violation, scoring system, analysis on dilemma, ways to improve
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