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Research On The Construction Of Political Ethics Of Party And Government Leading Cadres

Posted on:2020-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330590462202Subject:Foreign political system
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Today,when the party and the state vigorously fight against corruption,it is necessary to make the party's ecological guarantees clear and vigorous,and promote the comprehensive and strict management of the party to develop in depth.It is necessary to take a multi-pronged approach,from perfecting the law,perfecting the system,and ideology.Attack on the aspect and create a good political ecology.Leading cadres occupy important positions,not only as the role of decision makers and leaders,but also as defenders of the interests of the people and as guardians of integrity and justice.Leading cadres as the leader of the party and the country's cause,their political character is noble or not,firm or not,and it is a matter of fact.If a qualified cadre has a high political morality,he will consciously put the interests of the people in the first place and consciously shoulder the heavy responsibilities of the party and the state,and illuminate the happiness of the people,the revival of the nation,and the prosperity of the country.However,if the leading cadres do not have good political morality,and the political motives are not pure and their political cultivation is not enough,they will lose their direction in the development of complicated and complicated patterns,and they cannot resist the influence of various wrong thoughts and pedantic thoughts,and seriously deplete the people.Trust in the party,undermine the party's political and ecological environment,and hinder the country's modernization process.This paper uses case analysis method,system analysis method and comparative research method to analyze the influence of leading cadres' political morality.At the same time,it analyzes the corruption of leading cadres,political climbing,political speculation,and gangs.The reasons behind the bad behavior,among them,the outstanding performance is that the officials themselves are impure,lack of faith,lack of spirit,external incentives,and imperfect institutional mechanisms.At the same time,we have extensively learned from other countries' relatively good aspects in building political ethics of leaders.For example,the United States has implemented a relatively complete and detailed civil servant legal system.Singapore has comprehensively tracked and evaluated the unique security system of cadres' political morality and high salary and honesty.Drawing lessons from experience and learning from the lessons,we must actively explore the path of political morality construction of leading cadres suitable for China's national conditions,aim to improve the legal system for building political ethics of leading cadres,strengthen organizational supervision and social supervision,and improve the discipline mechanism of politicalmorality.We will increase the intensity of political ethics education for leading cadres and comprehensively promote the political and moral construction of party and government leading cadres.
Keywords/Search Tags:Leading cadres, Political morality, Long-term mechanism
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